Grad Update: What’s next?

I am going to be completely honest with you, April sucked. Nothing actually happened that made it suck, everything happened. Personally, selfishly, life was great! Mentally, romantically, physically, life was not so great. Details: I was working a lot, the semester was ending and because of that my weeks were messed up; my mind was all over the place, and I was just feeling irritated with the same old things. 
Other than those feelings, everything was good. I was ahead of my assignments, the Quarryman came out (which will be posting on that next). I was spending time with my friends, and the sun was coming out every other day. But, that didn’t change how I was feeling about April- mentally and physically it just needed to end. 
Come May– it’s like a whole new life with new possibilities. Yes, the semester has ended and summer is coming but my grad life isn’t done. Now the exciting parts are coming. I have a thesis to write, I have placement, and I have a summer to look forward to with adventures, friends, and making memories. And that’s the thing that has been bothering me; I see what’s ahead and I just want to get started on it, I just want it to happen. 
I’m excited for May, so I decided to start the summer off with a bang of GOALS. So, what’s the ‘plan’ for May? (I like to have monthly goals to reach) Three goals come into mind: Blog, Thesis, and personal creativity.
Blog: This month I was struggling to keep it up and connect everything I have on my blog together and get good content posted. So I went back to my pages and my notebook, looked over my old plans that are still good and decided that I just need to stay on track. That’s the issue. And the other big issue is to have/create GOOD content. And that’s my May Goal.
Thesis: To get started and get moving on it. I will go buy the pens and supplies that I don’t really need but will make me happy. And then I will create some kind of summer schedule and organize myself. Maybe I will create a flow chart? Maybe I will draw out what it’ll look like? IDK, I have never done this before. And that’s my 2nd May Goal.
Personal Creativity: let’s go with that as a title. But, SCHOOLS out for the SUMMER which means I can take my time and do my own creative outlooks- photography, writing, adventures- to feed into my creative bones and to help me stay creative and grow as a creative person. I plan to write every day and then edit my writing, either with photography or leaving it as text before sharing it or just keep it for myself (I wrote this plan on my tumblr awhile back when I had the idea.) Also, adventures keep me creative, I am thinking about starting a podcast because I LOVE to talk.  Last May goal.
So why am I telling you this? Well, I’m updating you on what’s next for me, which means you can (should) keep your eye out for more blogs with content from my other links like tumblr, and instagram, or the creative posts I like to write like the stories and happenings in my life. And also I wanted to remind you that when you work hard, when you put your all into something, the result is that now you can have some FUN.
That’s it!

Side note: I’m doing a placement at a writing conference where I will be working with writers and using my communication skills to great use. And I can’t wait to get started, hoping this placement will not only give me an experience but an inside look into what I could possibly do in the future. And I hope I don’t mess up…knock on wood. 

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