A evening in Lismore….

I live for adventures, spontaneous moments, and seeing new little places.It is what makes me sane and it is what also frees me. It was a Bank Holiday weekend, so on Monday after work I took a trip down to Lismore, a place a few people have told me to visit. There is a castle and history there, so off we went. 


 I like evenings when I can just enjoy the night, walk around, and see new places. It was a 45 minute from Cork, so it was quite a long distance to go for a walk. However, I have gone further for walks before and never regretted it. Lismore was no different.
It was a lovely summer evening, there were of course churches and little walks, and I went to this bridge that was close to the castle, which was probably one of the best looking castles I have seen in Ireland. There was a lovely little park near by; it was small but it had massive fountains and places where I could sit and just write.
The town itself was a bit dead and I don’t know if that was because it was a bank holiday weekend or that the places that were in the town were posh places. It was a mix of different cultures, especially with the kids spinning around making the loudest, look at me I’m cool, noises with their cars. It was a great laugh to be honest. I remember how kids in high school would act in the parking lot. 


I’ve been taking a lot of these day and evening trips lately; but not as often as I wish I could. They keep me sane,  a crazy way to put it.  I have always said that I have wild wings and a wandering mind that needs adventures; I need spontaneous moments in my life and people willing to keep up, as well. I really enjoy the freedom and opportunities Ireland has given me since it is such a small country.  I can go to see many places in such a short period of time. My goal when moving here was to see as many places in Ireland as I could, which I have, and I keep adding more places and checking them off my  list. And the thing is I fall more in love with this place and who I am as a person because when I get lost I find myself in the most random of places like Lismore.