I moved!

I moved! 
Really I should have moved at the beginning of May but my rent was paid through May and I wanted to save money; get my money’s worth. And first off with this move my mind keeps jumping to many different things (it never stops!). But I know it’s just something I have to do so I wouldn’t be living on the street. I wouldn’t survive on the streets.  To be honest, it is bitter sweet because I’m moving away from my roommates, and away from what I am use to. It’s sad, but I need a place to live. At least I’m in the same city.

 When I found out I had to move, because the owner of the apartments was no longer renting to students, to make it easier for myself, I chose to move into another student housing apartment. So despite the flaws of living in college housing I am going to make the best of the situation. 
This move has made me think about living in Cork. It is really not easy to find a place to live for a college student, for a grad student, for anyone really. Because if you want a nice place you have to be making bank and the places you can afford are shit. This is like any place really. Before moving across the ocean, my best friend had to move again because her rent was going up and she couldn’t afford it. She too was on a grad school budget. The thing is she was not living in a modern apartment with lots of amenities; it wasn’t shit but it had some flaws, like the living room lights didn’t work.

I have had talks with people from Cork who have had to find places to live and my roommates who had to move too. We all Cork is not the easiest place to find a place to live. And if you do find a place in the city or at a student rate it’s not the best place. I think this is because there is no regulation that the owners have to take care of the buildings. And I understand they are renting to students and they may trash it.  But, that isn’t always the case. I am in school but I am also an adult, like my other friends who have jobs but are on a fixed budget. It’s not fair for landlords to think we wouldn’t take care of the houses where we are living.

I had lived in a college house in Winona. Across the street was a house full of college boys, several of my neighbors where college students. Yeah we didn’t have a garden and the house across the street had a couch in the yard. BUT, it still looked nice; it didn’t look dirty. And I’m not saying Cork does have crappy looking houses; where I was living was reasonable and livable. As I walk around Cork, many the places look like they are going to fall apart; and maybe that is deceiving. Maybe they are actually nice inside and the “good” renters will rent there because it is worth the price. But, only if that could be true.
Take my friend back in Minnesota, she’s moving again because the area she moved to has become popular. It is filling up with restaurants and coffee shops, which is good. But because some hipster wrote an article about this cool new spot in the city suddenly it’s popular and is up and coming. So, because the apartment is in a good location the rent is being raised. We can’t win.

Housing is difficult, it’s a scam; it’s a game. And it’s hard to find. Especially when you want to live in the city to be close to school and shops.

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