We need to talk about something…..

This post is WAY different than other posts I have written and it’ll not be all stylish or a life story. It is what people might call politics. But, I don’t really see it that way; I see an issue and I want to write a blog post about it.
First, let me tell you my opinion of a feminist. A feminist is someone who believes that EVERYONE deserves to have the same equal rights no matter the sex. People have this idea that feminists are women hating on men, because in the 60s women who considered themselves feminists were also seen hating on men. But, that was in addition to their beliefs of equal rights. They also had their own morals and values, just like anyone else did. Also, since the word includes “fem” in it makes it seem it’s only for women. Like the words birth control; since it has the word “birth” followed by “control” makes people think that is what it’s for; no it’s a hormone pill that is used for other conditions.
The reason why I stressed that anyone can be a feminist is because I know people are going to think I am writing this to hate on men and to blame men. It’s not; I’m honestly blaming no one but the ideas that society has and how they influence and how we take them.
Now, I am a feminist because I think everyone deserves to be treated the same and have the same rights no matter their sex, skin color, etc. And I am also a big believer in RESPECT and not seeing someone by what they look like.  I am not hating on ALL men. Men, guys, boys, they’re great. They are fun and just want to have the craic. But some men think it’s okay to cat call, harass, and see women just as a body. Like said not all men are like this but that it happens and it keeps happening is not okay.
I have a personal experience to explain what I mean. The other day I was walking down the sidewalk and two men in a car at a light started yelling something at me. I couldn’t hear clearly what they were saying because of my headphones but I knew they were saying something crude. I looked at them with disgust yet they drive away doing it again. I yelled at them because I always stand up for myself. And it was only 10 am made it so much worse!!
Another story, On Tuesday while walking to meet my friend a car drives by and the man whistles at me. I do not hesitate to say creep; which now has become so quick to come out of my mouth. All I can think is I am not a dog.
When out and about either during the day or at night having this happen is quite degrading. Some may say just take it as a compliment and some days I do, but most days I am not okay with it. It doesn’t make me feel good; in fact it makes me feel uncomfortable, and makes me question  “Do I have something on my ass?”
Why? Why does this keep happening? I am doing nothing; I am just walking along being me. Why? And the answer to that question is no it’s not what I am wearing or what I am doing. Because no one is asking for it to happen. No one, if the words didn’t come out of there mouth. 
There are so many people who are talking about these attitudes towards women. They are trying to find ways to stop them from happening, like the teaching your boys campaign, you know the one that no means no. And I agree we need to teach them, we also need to teach girls to be okay for what they wear. Girl should be able to walk without fear of being harassed. We need to teach them to stand up for themselves, and teach them how to fight. But most of all the cat calling, harassing and seeing girls as a body has to stop! How can we make it stop when so much of media/ fashion makes it seem impossible?
There seems to be a lot of blame given for what is causing it. Maybe the media is partly to blame, but maybe it has a lot to do with not teaching or explaining to kids about peer pressure and about not being influenced by ideas of society and culture. And just learn that no means no, a women is a human not an object.  I don’t know what is to blame but when things like this happen to me or I read something in the news and there seems to be blame on other things instead of the person themselves- that is ridiculous. If we are taught not to touch something when it’s hot, we are smart humans. Why not teach our children to respect others? If we did this then  the only person to blame is the one doing the action. For example, the people who decide to cat call.
So how can we make it stop? Well I’ve decided to make sure when these things do happen they know that it’s not right. But, it really is about teaching kids what’s right and what’s wrong. 

If you don’t agree, well let’s talk. I am a woman who has been educated, seen the world and sometimes likes to talk about things like this. Talking about important issues like this is how you figure out life and how you figure out yourself.
I learned that in my ethics class.
Yeah I took an ethics class.


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