Update: Time off was needed


I needed a time off and dad came to see me (finally) because I missed him and other personal reason. I mean who wouldn’t miss their parents after being so far away from them and needing that support system. Have you read my other posts? Anyway, he came and we went on some really fun outdoors adventures that I will post about after this one (hopefully). But I want to talk about my time off and why it’s important.

Basically, everything just kept hitting me out of no where and I couldn’t escape it, no matter how much I tried my stress, my anxiety, my worries they would just come out of no where. And no matter how much I kept trying to focus on the now and what’s happening in the present my mind would take me to so many places.

So I shut off my 3G and I got to spend my time with my dad. Have daddy daughter time, have our talks while we went on adventures about politics, what’s happening, and some discussions where he asks me about what I don’t want to discuss, and others to just let me know that I am doing good.  It was something I needed that I new I needed.

Its good to take time off and get away from reality, away from the computer and challenge yourself. Because really there is only so many distraction you can do.

I rebounded back – I am not going to list out what I needed to rebound back from because A. it will be long. B. that’s my list. C. I don’t even really know what I needed; all I know is I got it.


So why am I writing this post? I wanted to say…
Hi I’m Kole and my life is so up in the air, I am human, and I know I can get stressed and overwhelmed easily which can make it not only hard for me but hard for others. Life can get the best of me. And having someone who can just give you advise, to let you know you’re doing good and support you is all you really need.  Now  its back to reality and thats the struggle after taking time off the worst part is trying to get back into it. I have to get my butt on my thesis, due dates are coming up, time is killing, focus needs to come and unnecessary stress needs to get ride of. Because what I was remained this past week and by a good friend that my healthy- physically and mentally is more important. Thesis comes 2nd to that. So goodbye unnecessary stress and couldn’t be bothered. Boy, I’m feeling good and myself!


That’s it. I’m working on my thesis, I am putting myself first, I am cutting out the things that give me stress, I am working on myself for myself. And I am going places….


Vague much?





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