Bucket Check List: Kayaking

I always wanted to go kayaking. It looked a lot of fun and I was having instagram envy of all the cools shots I have seen – and I had that “I want that shot” moment. So having a spare day in Killarney with my dad I suggested we go kayaking in the national park.  We did some research and went with Outdoors Ireland,  and they did a really good job, despite being told I could use my camera but the guide told me other wise. That meant I don’t have any pictures, which for me is hard, but at the same time it made me appreciate what I experienced. Then again I love looking and seeing photos.


We met at Ross Castle a place I had visited once, but dad had never been there. It’s a castle on the edge of the water. After much debate on which one was the “lowest” car park we found the guide and got ourselves ready. We layered up to protect us even though I know how to swim. 
I have never kayaked before and am not very good at the whole rhythm thing. I went on a canoe trip once and I was not in sync with the others and got told off a lot. The kayak lesson was short; he just told us to keep our knees bent and bodies straight. And as he slid me into the water all I could think was I better not fall over, which I didn’t, but I ended up paddling myself the wrong way.  It took a while and for me to focus (that would go away) to get the whole paddling thing down. It was a lot harder with the wind against us on our first trip. The second trip was a little easier but a lot scarier since we were parallel with the waves and all I could think about was tipping over.
In the middle of the trip, right when I was getting the hang of it we came together holding on to each other’s kayak so we could have some TEA and chocolate right there in the middle of the national park – what a laugh. I thought he was joking, but only would the Irish bring tea just to have some banter back and forth. 
The whole excursion was me and the guys, my dad, the guide, and two others.  And since I get along well with boys and the sarcasm (thanks dad) I had a blast with them. I honestly was just having a ball rowing along in my only little mind when I was on my own, talking to the others when they were near, and even when we went into the caves and I got stuck. And I think that was the greatest thing about being with strangers, I was not trying to be anyone but me. Sometimes in my days of frustration it’s nice to have those moments where you not only forget about your overwhelming thoughts but you enjoy yourself; you discover it’s nice to be yourself.
At the end of the trip we went down the canal that was really cool!! Everything about this trip was awesome, pretty, and any other adjective you want to use to describe the wonderful experience I had. I love national parks – I get from my mom- I do like being outdoorsy, especially when I can go and be inside at the end of the excursion. I am so glad my dad said yes to kayaking. 

Check that is off my bucket list.