Bucket list: Highest point of Ireland

There are things I do and then there are things that I would never do (think I would do). And climbing a mountain, being outdoorsy is one of those things I would never do. Too much effort really. But there I was up early on a Saturday to go climb the highest point in Ireland.  I am someone who is very determined, and loves/lives for proving people and myself wrong. But I am also lazy; so when dad told me we were going to climb up to the highest point in Ireland- I new this was going to be interesting; I could already hear myself bitching. And in actuality, it was the best experience ever.

We got at the starting point at basically someones house that turned it into a welcoming spot for tourist and climbers when they come to climb the point; it had a goat I was happy. He was also a good distraction to the fact I was about to spend my day and hours walking, then climbing this hill; again could hear myself bitching. But I wanted to do this, I was excited to do this for so many people have told me how hard it was; people die (OMG I AM GOING TO DIE) that this was something I was going to do.

We started our adventure with a hike. A walk over the river, all on rocks which on our way back we just were sick of walking on rocks. Through this vast open yet closed of place that was surrounded by the rocky hills so tall that when I get up there I probably could touch the sky. They were also the greenest of green I have seen. There were these lakes that were so peaceful there was no fisherman or boats, loud noises anywhere (except for the echo of chit chatter from others around).

Carrautoohil was going to take us up to 6-7 hours to climb up and come down; depending how fast we were. And when we got to the actually climb (there was a name for it but don’t remember), we had to stay close together because rocks are easily moved, and should stay on the same path. I stuck close to our guide; right behind him, going for it. What dad tells people is that “I kept right up with them.” Really I was having a ball, it was so much fun to climb and being adventures the little tree climber in me was in her element.

We stopped a few times to take a breather, and I would look out at what seemed so inclosed to a vast open space; you could see for miles, far into Kerry. It’s open places like these that allow me to breathe, get away from the city life, to let my mind just relax from all of what was cluttering it up.

This view, this feeling, this adventure was a reminder of not only what I am capable of doing but why I love Ireland. I could write a list but for me personally Ireland is somewhere not only do I feel like it fits me but it’s where I keep finding myself. Through high school, I always knew who I was. But social challenges, school challenge and expectations, the frustration of it all, just made me not feel like me. Which lead me to go into college trying my hardest once again but it wasn’t until my 2nd year into my 3rd year were finally it was working, but then I left to go study abroad in Ireland and well it all impacted me and etc. etc. The story I know and it’s shared throughout this blog I won’t repeat it. All I can say is that Ireland makes me feel more alive, I feel like this is where I can be me- I mean there are moments where I get frustrated and am like well if people can’t understand me is it worth staying here- is it worth it. But as I sat on this rock looking out into the open space; waiting for my dad, I knew for me it was worth it. I will always do what is best for me.

After a struggle up the hill we finally got to this  flat spot.  Where not only got to see the other side; another vast open space but this time into the natural park, we got to touch the clouds. It was going to be another 45 minutes up a zigzag path; everyone that was climbing was around; going up or going down. All at our own speed but as someone passed me going up I wanted to say “bye enjoy the rush”- because there was really no rushing this for me. People came down telling me it wasn’t long up; but by the 10th person telling me this and still not at the top I wanted to tell them off- I didn’t.

Finally, we reached the top; everyone was happy; I suddenly was not so much because well the weather changed and it went from the foggy sun; to rain and coldness- it felt like winter a quite change and I were good. Everyone was more excited about reaching the top then I was. Maybe it’s cause I don’t really show my emotions, but I did feel glad that I made it up but what I really wanted was to get out of this cold wetness- I didn’t bring my umbrella, and everything was just soaking wet. However, I wrote an N on a rock and left it there; saying that I was there. Leaving my mark because that is all I want to do was leave my mark on the places I go and the people I meet. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s no more or it’s happening right now as long as it lives forever either in the memories, the pictures, or the words I write.

Our way down was much more worst cause of the weather change and having to go from a small group to a larger group that I and dad were just basically over it and wanted to get to the car- the bitchiness had settled in. I did not care when everyone walked around the water I went through it because I was already wet.

All in all,  I did it. I climbed the highest point, I let go of it all, and I showed my dad why Ireland is such an important place for me. I  am not one to brag because I know what it feels to fail, but that day I didn’t fail I made it to the top and I also realized what I wanted.

That was my adventure.