The Limit does not exist

I am someone who loves to go on spontaneous adventures, to do things, to live life to the fullest. And when it feels like there are limitations on me to do things it drives me mad – it’s worse when it’s your own limitation.  It’s that whole “all talk no action” thing (which makes me think of the movie Drive me Crazy – don’t know, Google it and watch it!) Why do we do this? I asked myself, so here’s a blog post about it….

I feel more confident about doing something when it is familiar. Thus, when you are doing something that you have never done before there are all these things that go in your head. It’s human nature. Now some people will say whatever lets go; I will be like that for whatever happens and where the day takes me I’ll go with it. But, hopping on a bus or train, or even driving somewhere you have never been before is a little nerve racking because the thoughts will set in – what if the car breaks down, what if you get on the wrong train. And it’s even scarier when you do it on your own. That’s why people usually don’t do things on their own. It helps to have a partner in crime. 
 I’ve been beginning to do things on my own, I am always willing to do that but sometimes I begin to worry and that creates my own limitation. Take the other day, I was thinking how I wanted to go to a different beach, and I saw a bus took you right to Clonakilty a place I’d gone to once before. I thought it shouldn’t be that bad but then I started to think about where was the bus, there wasn’t a bus station. How would I walk to the beach because I remember how the road was tight, would it be long. I should write while I’m there, too, but sand, oh how I hate sitting in sand. I could bring my backpack oh my backpack….. The questions wouldn’t end  because THAT IS HOW I AM. But I was so mad at myself for putting these limitation on myself when I wanted to go to the beach.
We are so set in our own comfort that we won’t risk taking a chance .  We think to ourselves no, don’t bother, what’s the point, don’t risk it.  WHY? If it’s something you want or want to do- you should do it, simple as that. But it’s not always that simple is it?

We have our own limitations and I think we do need to do our best to get over them. And every day I try to do that. So, hope on a bus, text that person, book that ticket, apply to that job, say what you want to say! there should be no limitations in doing what you want and being happy!

That’s what I’m going to do.



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