Dear young girls


Today, the way we learn things regarding beauty and these ideas because of Instagram, bloggers, fashion, you tubers is a whole different ball field than when I was young but it’s the same game. Girls are putting on make up to try to look older, they are buying what their friends are buying to stay with their group, they are following the trends. It’s not even about how many friends are at your lunch table anymore, it’s how many likes you get, how many friends you have on Facebook- and how do you do that? Well by doing the trends/popularity, but is it all real?
The other day I was in INGLOT an Irish make up store and there were 12 year old girls buying the same thing I was buying. Not only did I feel completely awkward and like I shouldn’t even be in there. I wondered where their childhood had gone?   No one’s really to blame, but to have these ideas of beauty, and celebrities endorsing products, can get not only overwhelming but confusing, especially when you are a young teenager trying to figure out who you are. And, you really don’t know who you are at that age- you have an idea but you really don’t know. Trust me.
The other day I was scanning through Instagram thinking about my account and seeing how I can do better, how can I make it better. Would I want to do the trend hash tags, talk about the hot topics, do similar posts. No I don’t because that isn’t me. I want to keep everything I do as real and as me as possible. I don’t care about the expectations, the ideas, the trends, or even popularity or likes. As long as I am happy and enjoying what I am doing that is all that matters; and if that gets noticed GREAT!
So I wrote a little letter to the young girls because I know what it can feel like, even at 24, to get a little lost in the fakeness of society, fashion and mass media.
Dear young girls,
Young girl, only thirteen, with converse on her feet, 
She’s unable to understand what it means to be ‘you’. 
All around her are signs of what is cool.
Magazine pages on her floor, cut outs of what she needs to be.
Making her feel lost and confused; what should she be?
Her friends, since they were four, are changing too.
She stands alone, trying to be herself; she is torn down.
Young girl, only sixteen, with a face full of make up, 
She’s trying to be older, but feels still a kid.
All the other girls are dressed the same, but she’s wearing the wrong shoes.
They are all trying to look like build-board models with hour-glass shapes, but that’s not how they’re built.
She stands with them, feeling like an outsider; she doesn’t know who she is. 
Young girl, only twenty, she doesn’t know herself. 
She’s unable to recognize the person staring back at her in the mirror.
She was built exactly how they had intended her to be. 
Feeling lost and confused in who she turned out to be,
Judging herself and her peers, that’s how it goes.
She stands wondering if this is what being a girl means; it doesn’t feel right.
Young girl, now twenty four, is not so young anymore. 
She’s completely lost, always needing to be liked, and meeting other’s standards. 
Made from all those magazine pieces; she is the girl she never wanted to be.
Lost and confused in who she is in this world,
She strips herself of all the expectation and popularity.

She is done being a girl she is not.
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And because this is a blog I want to keep it real and honest as possible. That’s the goal, that is me and that is what this blog will represent.





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