Cork Like: top 6 things to do


I’ve been in Cork for two years now. I know the streets and the places to go; yet, I have not written a blog post about what to see in Cork. What kind of lifestyle, travel blogger am I if I don’t write about the place where I live? So, here it is a list (everyone loves lists) of my top 6 places for a 20 something to visit and experience in Cork.  If you want a larger post about each place, shoot me a comment below and let me know!
Top 6 of Cork

1   Reardon’s pub: It’s a popular place on Washington and probably the only thing that is “popular” I actually enjoy. It has reasonable prices on a wide selection of drinks. It has a pizza bar that is open till midnight. In the mornings and afternoon you can get coffee to go. Reardon’s is the perfect local Irish pub that also is a club, but not the typical club a girl like me does not like. Instead, it has a dance floor where you can just be in your own element as the DJ plays a variety of really good music. There are many different events happening and bands playing at Reardon’s. When there is a major sports event Reardon’s has it on their large screens. During the summers if you are lucky enough to have nice weather you can watch the games in the beer garden. The pub is busy enough to meet people and cheap enough I can afford it. Of course, it has the cons of hen parties, and old people that you think shouldn’t really be dancing in a pub but hey it’s Ireland everyone still parties like they’re 25. But I like it most that you can go there for a casual fun night out.

2  St. Patrick Hill Park: Now I don’t know if this park has a name but if you want to get away from the city life and still see the views this little park is for you. It’s an area of grass with a few benches to relax and take in the city. It is quite a climb to get to the little park, but it’s worth the view of the city and further out you can see the countryside hills. I like it most because sometimes Fitzgerald Park can get overcrowded and filled with tourists that look at you like you are an exhibit in a museum.
3   Silly Goose: Another bar just down from Reardon’s on Hanover Street. It has had many names but I’ve only known it as Silly Goose. And the one thing I love about this place is that not only is it small but it is a really good place to hang with your gang of friends and it’s perfect for a date. It sells food until 10- like mozzarella sticks; that’s all I am saying. There is a little corner in the back that has games- like Cards Against Humanity; we still haven’t done it but the idea of going with friends sitting in the back playing that game and drinking is fun. And I know what you are saying- you could do that in your house? Yea you could, but sometimes it’s good being out socializing and people watching. That is my idea of a great time.
4   Hassett’s: It can get busy and hectic sometimes. It’s right at the start of Washington Street off South Mall, so there is a lot of people passing and wanting to get a take away coffee. But it has French toast, sandwiches and a lot of homemade treats. I go there to sit for an hour or two. There are three Starbucks in Cork and that’s usually where a lot of the tourist go- because it’s familiar, but if you just want a sandwich, French toast, or even a crepe, while you write or do work, go here.
5   Opera Lane: Now if you are like me and like to shop then Opera Lane is the high street of Cork. There are many other shopping places in Cork but this is the one that I really enjoy. A good time to go is in the morning because you beat the crowds. There are a number of shops I really like. I go to Topshop if I want jeans or something specific because in my opinion, it’s a bit overpriced for a lot of basic things. I love Only; the staff are friendly and most helpful. They treat you like you’re a girlfriend; sometimes I just go there just to have that experience. New Look is also a place I like to sop, though it can get overwhelming and you really have to hunt for what you want. It’s similar to Forever 21. If you want to get out to even window shop Opera Lane is a great choice for a short stroll to get away from the main streets.
6   Crawford Museum: It’s free. Any 20 something would understand when it’s free it’s free. It’s a good place to see art and just do something different for a day. It’s right behind Opera Lane and includes permanent exhibits but also has special exhibits for you to see.

Those are 6 places, there are plenty more great places that I will be write about, and actually six was hard to come up with since there are so many different things. However, Cork is a place where you come to socialize. A nice place to visit even if there is not as many places to see compared to Dublin. But, give the city a chance and maybe you’ll be surprised by the people’s hospitality.