Single Holiday

I am going on Holiday by myself. And some people may think are you crazy, you will get so lonely. First, let me tell you don’t say that to anyone who is going on a trip by themselves, because not only is it not needed it is negativeness. And for me, having people/parents/friends tell me “you will get so lonely” “make sure you do this” “how will you.” “you will get so board” not only frustrates me but gives me unnecessary worries/anxiety. Now let me tell you about my exciting trip and why I decided to do a single Holiday!


 I am an adventures person and being hold back from things and others is just frustrating. And instead of waiting for others to be willing to take a trip I decided to do it myself. I booked the trip and decided this was my chance. I am going to do something by myself and do it all on my own with no fear. Your probably thinking but you moved across a country by yourself-yes but I went into a family home and when I moved to the city I still had that family and people I new I could relay on. I know no one and this is really completely out of my comfort zone and is really breaking through all my isolation, anxiety I get when by myself. And that is why I am doing it.

I want to prove to myself, shut up the negative that forms from others and from that little voice in the back of my head and just do it.

To prepare for my trip and to make it easy and also to stay slightly in my comftzone I made sure I was staying in right places that were still comforting to me. I did research on the places, what I could do, how I could get places, what I could see. Every day I was looking up pictures and things to do getting more and more excited of all the things I could do. But this trip is not only about relaxing and seeing the place it also is has everything to do with me.

I have no high hopes for this trip but I do have self goals that I listed here:

1. to go into a pub/resurant by myself
2. no listen to music when walking around
3. don’t pack too much
4. don’t be afraid to approach people
5. take two day trips by myself
6. spend a lot of the time experiencing then through a screen
7. write a lot
8. break out of my anxiety
9. Eat and drink

I think its good to have just self goals cause those are on you to reach, and for the trip to just enjoy it; live it up. And I am excited- I’ve shut out the negative voices and focused on the excitement and tummy turning in my  stomach. Because I am so looking forward this trip!! I am planning on city girl story Instagram to post a picture each day and telling about my day I had; so keep an eye out on there for daily updates.

Oh, I’m going to Wales and Bristol.