First impressions of Bristol

The first thing I thought of when I got to Bristol was these people talk funny. It is on a combination of proper English with a rugged twist depending on where they lived. And as I walked to my hostel that was in the Stokes Craft area of Bristol I noticed a lot of businesses had been turned into an urban graffiti area. Now Banksy came from here and knowing his work it makes sense that it would be this way. l like graffiti art but i don’t like tagging. it makes everything look dirty and they don’t make any sense. Obviously I wasn’t very impressed. And I wasn’t impressed with Bristol until I ventured off to the suspension bridge where I got to see some incredible views, and trees. This place has a lot of trees and I can’t get over it. That and the houses; they are tall and narrow but they have a Roman look to them. I loved looking at the houses and buildings along my walk to the bridge. I liked the little neighborhoods I found. Cork does not have neighborhoods like these.


What defines a neighborhood? Well, a small area in the city that still has culture and activity. My hostel is right on the edge of the city center but as you venture off away from the city center you find little areas of Bristol. They are quieter, and more quaint in a big city something I enjoy.

I like the area of my hostel. It didn’t take me long to figure out how to get around. The hostel has a pub conected to it, but it felt like it was very hard and not what I thought it was going to be for socializing with other travelers. Maybe its because I gave off the vibe that I only spoke English. Or because of the awkwardness of hiding in the corner (not that I did that). Also, the doors kept slamming and I felt like someone was going to come into my room.

I left the city my second day to Weston-South-Mare which was easy to get to by train. It was so fast;  it almost was like a subway ride. That is something that Ireland doesn’t have, good transportation by train. So many places in Bristol are conected by the train. It’s faster, more comfortable, and it is so much cooler than taking a bus.


Weston-South-Mare was an interesting place; it has a Coney Island feel to it. It has arcade games, random rides, take away places and a beach. It reminded me of the Canadian side of Niagra Falls. The only bad thing is that it could easily be deserted if it wasn’t for tourists or the places around it.
My first two days in Bristol was a lot of walking so my feet hurt and my head is tired. I am off to Cardiff.