A relaxing sunny day in Bath….


People kept telling me go to Bath, its a great place. And they were right. I went for a day trip and spent the whole day there; it helped that the weather was lovely but even if the weather was crap I probably still find things to do unlike the other places. It was such a vibrant city and despite all the people I really enjoyed myself. But, the tourist areas were all in one area so you could easily escape them by just going further down the lanes away from the Roman Baths. 



I didn’t do much history things when on this trip, I was kind of lacking in that department maybe because I didn’t want to spend too much money or I wasn’t with my mom who always pushed me. Maybe it had a lot to do that it was 80s degrees and I haven’t had 80s since August in Minnesota and I wanted to be outside for every minute. My camera died so I couldn’t really do my plan for some cool shots (love photography you know).


 I decided to sit in a park (which you had to PAY to use but it was .80 penc so I was like what the hell). I found a lounge chair and laid for an hour reading my thesis. I had to say it was quite wonderful to be in the sun again, and for someone who can’t sit still it was a miracle that I lasted for so long. But, I loved everyminute of it. Sitting in a garden with the sun shining and looking out at the wonderful architecture with hills in the distance was just wonderful. Also people watching was quite entertaining; some people were eating cumbers like pickles. I was feel more and more relax after a slightly overwhelming start to my holiday I knew I needed a day like this one to end my holiday just right. Because, it is hard to go by yourself on a holiday and try to do things- I mean I do it all the time back home (cork). And I new I needed to get myself to a point to remind myself that I could do anything without anyone- be more independent especially in the things I want to do. 

After getting bored of sitting, ADHD it happens. I took a walk around the park before decided it was time to hit the roof top pool. sat again for two hours in the sun, jumped into the pool and relaxed. The Bath Spa offered two hours and if you wanted to book a treatment in as well- but it was 34 pounds for two hours. I could do the steam rooms and sauna but you only had two hours I did not want to rush it. I was getting a little bored of sitting around by myself- also hungry as well. 

These points is when I really need a good conversation, someone to hang out with these are the points that hold me back from doing what I want to do.  People seem to always unable to do something without someone- which shouldn’t always be the case- sure it would be nice to have someone there to talk to, experience these things with. But, it was reminded to me later on (next Bristol post) that when you travel or do things on your own you have a say, you can choose, you are dependent on yourself. Which is kind of nice you don’t have to please someone. Something you should never do but when travel that seems to always be the difficulties traveling with others. 

After the Spa I decided to take a walk in a different direction, away from the people, up a hill of Bath.
While walking through the streets of Bath I fell in love with the city. It is a vibrant city with some amazingarchitecture. It was like walking in beautiful maze. I could see myself living in one of those apartments,getting up in the morning, walking to a corner coffee shop, and sitting in one of the squares before heading off to work. I even made it up to the circle where I got to see all of Bath and the country side. There were trees and hills of green going on and on just like in Ireland. 
Maybe it helped that it had really nice weather but I liked Bath for its buildings and views. Of course roof top pools.