Back to Bristol….

I didn’t stay in a hostel when I returned to Bristol. I went with Airbnb and stayed with the nicest woman you could stay with on a single holiday. She was a traveler, too and enjoyed history. She  told me not only on about the culture in Bristol but the history of the place I had only read in books and got from the TV/media. She also took me out and gave me insight on how to travel on your own- telling me her own stories. The way she smiled, laughing as she remembered what she experienced was exactly how I wanted to feel about traveling alone. That’s how I want to be instead of thinking and wishing for it all to be a certain way. Instead I want to laugh and smile remembering my adventures, which I do, but not as often as I should.

I was so worried about my single holiday-knowing me, I new it was going to be a challenge. And I was, right from the start first day I jumped right in and got the shakes after and more I try to over and put myself out there the more I felt disappointed but I wasn’t by myself.  Sure I was doing all those things on my own, going on adventures- but I didn’t want to wait for others, what I did have was the people I always had. Which was my fam-fam I had them. They were giving me advice, I was telling about all the little moments of the adventure (the little moments are the ones that matter the most) and it was nice to share and have them. And that is what I learned a lot about on this trip what was important, who was important and what really mattered.

Anyway, this time in Bristol I felt like I escaped the crowded and consumer area of Bristol and went into the heart of Bristol. I was a bit Northeast of the city centre in a more diverse, cultural area of Bristol. It was away from the large buildings and rush of people, which fit me way better. It was only a quick bus ride to the train station, and there were a lot more local things to experience than the first time I was here.

The woman took me to a local pub in an area I never thought I would ever see, it had a lot of local, low key, really good restaurants and pubs. Unfortunately, it could easily become not so local with all the high middle class coming into the community, changing it, raising the prices and kicking out the culture of what brings life to the city. (which is what happens in a lot of places). The pub looked like one of those pubs you wouldn’t go in, but it was very urban; it had fairy lights and a beer garden but had the game of the night on the screens. I loved just sitting there drinking a few ciders, hanging with the locals, and chit chatting.


That was a good end to my trip. I learned a lot on the trip which I did slightly talk about in all my post, but those were in the moments in the cities and what I came to conclude while see the places. I have more to say about my Single Holiday, see if I did all my goals I wanted to do and talk about the next transition and what is important….NEXT BLOG  

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