Cardiff City and West Wales adventure

What can I say about Cardiff? I was there for the weekend and it rained, not much different from Ireland. It was a smaller city to Bristol and I could get around it in a half hour. It was quick for me to figure out where I was in the city centrewhich just shows how small it is because I still don’t know Bristol. I stayed with Brits so I wasn’t really getting exposed to Welsh cultural but that was alright because I got to see it for myself.


Cardiff felt a little more local and it had a lot of things that seemed like local businesses as well.  Except it did have Starbucks and McDs. I did question going thereunsure if this was the right spot for me to eat or get a drink. Because my last night in Bristol I found myself going to places that weren’t really comfortable going to on a single holiday. There were tons of large groups and dates happening and I felt isolated so I had to leave.My dad suggested going to a local placewhich I felt was harder to figure out in Bristol than Cardiff. In Cardiff I decided to find cafe to sit and do some writingI went into these inside lanes away from the crowded streets and read the menus and looked at the place thinking how would I feel if I went in there. I found this place called Seasons which I went both times to try some local Welsh food- Welsh Rabbit and Lamb Stew. It all was very good and full of carbs. 
On Sunday I went on a day trip up the west coast of Wales. I took a walk from one bay to the next and got to see what I love- the edge of the world. It was a lovely morning/afternoon; the sun was out, and there were a lot of people walking around too. I found myself wanting to do more exploring but since I was with a tour I had a time limit and couldn’t go down that one hill to the rocks. At the beach I touched the water, risking my foot to get wet. I also had a Welsh cake which was very sweet. A welsh cake is like a flat scone; the one I had there was the best one I had while in Whales. We also got them from the tour and it was store bought and if it had been the only one I tasted I could not say I like Welsh cakes. 
The down side to the trip was the rainit came in when we hit the top 9th beach in the world. Rain was comingfrom all directions. I risked the walk to take some pictures of the “worm” but I was getting so cold and tired that I wanted to sit inside. However, there were only three places with limited seating so I kind of began to really hate it. It was a depressing sad scene with me just standing there in the rain, dripping from my nose. But it wasn’t so depressing because I got to see views and places I had never seen before. 
Monday I spent seeing the city of Cardiff. I walked through their park, which really had nothing much to it.There was a boat tour but I didn’t want to do that because of money and just time limitations. I did however go into the castle, which got me an inside look to Welsh history. The down side there wasn’t much to it, the castle had a good view of the city, but in the house you could only see the first floor’s that 5 rooms- and it still didn’t beat the house in Asheville North Carolina. I did however sit in the courtyard, enjoying the sun and worked on my thesis. 
What I liked about Cardiff was that it had a lot of little places to the city. Also the drinks were nice