Style: Daily festival look


In the winter I am all about the grunge, but come summer my boho look comes out. Now I am not a Vanessa Hudgens boho girl, unless it’s for a special occasion like going to a festival. This year I was not able to make it to a festival or county fair but the festival look is still one you can wear daily. It is a little more simple and low key. I will wear it weekly especially when the sun is out. This is how I create my daily festival look:

I will keep the clothes simple wearing just a t-shirt and jeans. For example, I have a dark coral green t-shirt that swoops at the neck. It is a very soft thin cotton fabric that has thin stripes going down. I like it hits further down under the arm so you can wear a lace bra or a bright color one to give some pop and more of a festival feel.


If I just chose a regular t-shirt or even a crop top it would be a totally different look. This t-shirt’s cut, the color and fabric are perfect for a festival look.

I will pair it will some ripped jeans. And I can add bold jewelry. I have a bold silver necklace with dangly circles that make noises while I walk to give the casual clothes a more bold look. Accessories can change everything.

What it costs:

Necklace: New Look 4.99 (euros)
Tank top: Only Ireland 6.00 (euros
Jeans: Topshop Jamie jeans- really old pair
Shoes: Pennys- really old pair


Little extra…



I’m not really technical about my make up but I found these glitter tattoos that I love. I bought mine in Topshop (in 2015). I put one near my eye and other near my collar bone to give my look that little extra shine and a more festival look. I only wear two because we aren’t going too crazy here.

little statement pieces are what really ties the look together.


This look like I said is not extreme because it is a daily festival look that you want to be casual and cute. A little bold jewelry and some glitter tattoos gives you a little more of a look then just your average daily outfits you throw on.