A night in Holy Smoke


Little Hanover Street, a little unknown lane off of Washington Street. Most of the time it is a short cut for cars to get to Washington Street. In May, it became the home for Holy Smoke the new BBQ that opened in Cork. It is away from the city centre but there are several other pubs in the area which are connected to the Mardyke pubs. You really wouldn’t know it’s there unless you heard about it. I lived across from it seeing it get built, guessing what it could be, and soon Holy Smoke popped up.
Everyone was talking about it saying how it was good, talking up their corn bread. I wanted to go and try Holy Smoke. Asking everyone if they wanted to go, there would be a 45 minute wait? I had a chance when my dad was here BUT it was closed Monday. It seemed like I wouldn’t ever be able to go, but I was able to this past weekend.



Holy Smoke was dim with very low orangish lightening, the light filters were something you’d see on Pinterest. Having dim lighting usually bugs me, Cheese Factory is the one place I remember I was unable to see my food. But at Holy Smoke I could see everything even with the lighting. There was wooden furniture; they were trying to get a Western feel without having the disturbing animal heads on the wall. It was an Irish version of the West which I liked a lot better.
The menus came on a clip board and there was a lot to choose from. If you are a vegetarian this might not be a place for you, obviously since it’s BBQ. However, they did have salads. I didn’t notice if they had vegetarian options. I was concentrating on their corn bread. You can get it as a side dish but it is served with the chicken and the pulled pork according to the menu.  However, when the food came on little metal trays my breasted chicken seemed to be missing corn bread. Since it did say cornbread on the side I asked for mine so I could try it. 🙂 It was a small square, warm but moist. It tasted okay but it was too moist not enough fluff for my tasting. I was so used to corn bread coming in little muffin shapes that way I could butter it!
The chicken was really good. I got two large breasts which was a lot for a little none growing girl like me. But I ate what I could. It was easy to eat since it came right off the bone. But it was a bit messy with its BBQ sauce getting on my fingers. The seasonings were good with bits of corn and lime giving the BBQ a new twist.


I of course got dessert, a banana brownie. I was a bit nervous because I am not a big fan of banana, but there was no banana. The brownie was small, the scoop of ice cream on top took it over. It was a simple warm brown, very thick but tasty.  Despite its size it was a good amount of brownie.
Holy Smoke lived up to its name, but maybe not the corn bread. The service was very good; they were always checking to make sure we were alright, if we needed anything else. The food was a good amount and satisfied the taste buds. The atmosphere was pleasant and even though the table next to you was close, it did’t feel very crowded.
I recommend going down Little Hanover Street and trying Holy Smoke.