Cork Like: Places in Cork you probably didn’t know about.


I am at fault at this as well, going to the same places you always go. It’s just following what you usually do; you’re use to it and have gotten to know the people. But, there are some great places in Cork City and the around area that you should try. I know I’ve mentioned a few of these places but not in depth. This is a really random list but these are the places I’ve gone to and wish I had gone to more often.


The Courtyard of Sober Lane:
I didn’t know about this place until one day I went on a sunny Sunday evening for a casual pint. My course mate recommended it so I goggled it. It looked like a place that wouldn’t actually exist, it seemed very digital. I couldn’t think of where it could possible fit in Cork City. But there it was in a small little court yard, with a pizza hut, umbrellas, and picnic tables. It can get quite busy but it can also be very quiet. It’s away from all the other places in Cork, down a small street on the edge of the river. I love this place especially when you just want to sit and chat when I don’t really want to deal with craziness.

Public Library:

This might be a weird one to be on my list. But I like libraries. It’s not even the books that get me, it’s the way it looks, and how they make me feel. I like how you can just sit and relax while in a library. And a lot of the libraries in America have become so modern that I feel they have lost this feeling. Where this one’s completely like what a library should be with its 90’s look on top of new technology. I have been going to the UCC library all year, so when I finally went into the public library I just loved it. The windows on the 2nd floor are great to sit and work near because of the natural lighting and a great view of the city and the people. It’s a great place to just sit and do some work without having to spend money at a coffee shop.

Traveling Bookshop:

We know all about Waterston and Easons. But if you go down Washington Street, over the Wandesford Quay, right next to the car park sits a cute book shop. It is filled with classic books and unique ones as well. The shop fits it’s name because visiting it makes you feel that you not only are traveling to different places but through time as well. It seems like a book shop that would have been around in the 20s when literature was at its peak. It’s a writers and a readers dream shop.


Poet’s Corner Cafe(Kinsale):

Now this is away from Cork, out in Kinsale, but it is worth the trip. Kinsale is known for its places to eat. But I have to say the friendliest place in Kinsale is the Poet’s Cafe. The owners are so nice, and the coffee is priced reasonably (you can get a stamp card, too), and most important there are books everywhere. It’s small, but the atmosphere and the service make you feel like you are home. It is my favorite place I have been  in all of Kinsale.


Tip Top:
It’s a night club and I usually don’t go for trendy places. And I know what you are saying, pubs like Reardon’s are trendy and we can have a debate on that. Tip Top is a new late night bar next to the city park; it looks over it. Is an actual rooftop pub that isn’t just a smoking area. It’s cute, quaint, and is typically packed. I really liked it the times I went. It has good music. The DJ is a big fan of Snoop Dog. Despite being packed, it’s a really cool place that I enjoyed a lot. They have swing benches, too! Try it out!