Lets talk about Tattoos and body…

This whole this is a metaphor…

When I ask my parents about getting a tattoo. I was 18. I asked them what would they do, even though I was technically an adult but I was still in high school. They had their say but both ended it with it’s your body and you’re going to do whatever you want with it. Talk about some good parenting.   I got my first tattoo at 20 and have had a few since.

I get a lot of different opinions with my tattoos, my clothes, my ears getting pierced, my need to go dye my hair every 3-6 months. Like they have a say. With my tattoos I have had some people think they have the right to grab at me to look at the tattoo on my arm, others say cool and want to know, and others like to ask me why, looking at me with disgust and disbelief. Telling me I shouldn’t have done that to my body. Like its their right to my body. But it’s my body I can do whatever I want with it cause it’s mine.  Well isn’t it?

I’m the one taking care of it, I am the one feeding it, I am the one living in it?

It confuses me how people do/say about my body like I have some kind of tag that says they have ownership of. The closest people to having ownership is my parents but they lost that at 18. Yet, even at 24 years old getting my ear pierced they look at me in that parent look . And that is their right. Some may disagree in that, I personally think my parents do have the right to give their opinion CAUSE their my parents.But that doesn’t stop me for having the right to do whatever I want with my body, with our body.

It seems like people like to give their view and put their opinions on you and your body. And that tattoo “you are going to have for the rest of your life” like I don’t know that or something. They aren’t understanding instead they are questioning our decision from their own perspective and beliefs.  And that’s the thing people are so in this idea of their values and their opinion, and their beliefs that when someone goes against their believes it’s a threat- they become territorial, judgmental. Like because what you did is wrong to them you are wrong. I am getting tattoos NOT to tell you to go get a tattoo BUT cause I want to get a tattoo CAUSE its my body and I have the RIGHT to MY body.


So when someone tells me- Why did you do that to your body, I tell them because it’s my body.  And as many times as we say it’s our body, it still won’t change the fact they won’t like it and they want a say. And that is fine but you can’t control everyone, you can’t control people you have to worry about yourself. And everyone should have the right to do what they want with themselves, with their body without limitations. Because girls have a body, and its theirs. We aren’t tell you what to do with your body. So don’t tell us what to do with our body.