What I liked about doing a masters at UCC.

Okay, the thesis is handed in. Can I know say exactly how I feel about going to UCC, in Ireland and if it was worth it?

Well, there will not be any bad things said. Education is important, even though I struggle it is still important and I feel like the things I’ve done, the opportunities I had, and what I’ve learned was worth it. And I would have not gotten those things if I didn’t get my masters from UCC. Before I even started I remember people asking me why are you going there? What are you going to do after? Here are the answers you are looking for.

The Program:

The program is fairly new to UCC. And of course there were a few things I questioned, like why is this required and why isn’t there more to do with this. Nothing is perfect. But it wasn’t geared towards only fiction and what people may think of when going into creative writing. If you are wondering if I was going to write books for the rest of my life. The answer is no. I took a variety of classes like writing for media and for radio, and also food writing. They all allowed me to see what writing in all forms can involve, which I liked because although I really love writing stories, the career I want is in writing in media, advertisement and creating content.  I learned I enjoy creative writing in media. 

To just say it because I know people will ask- even the TSA guy asked why couldn’t you nanny in America-why didn’t I do my masters in America?  I couldn’t do it in America because there was no program like this. I wanted a program that fit my writing skills, my writing ability, and what I wanted to do with apply my major and minor. I did not find an MA creative writing program in America that did that; they were in other programs but I didn’t have the portfolio or the background to apply for those.

University College Cork:

The thing I liked about UCC besides the buildings were the opportunities it provided. I was thinking today about how at some universities a lot of the tuition goes to sports. And even though UCC, even UL, have sports teams there was no home coming, there was rarely excitement for the game. I didn’t even know if there was a match to attend; you either had to know people or be on the team to know when a match was on. I liked how UCC was focused learning, getting involved with society that were your intreats/field, though it did have social events like rage week. (UL I liked better with RAGE week because it had activities on campus).  I like they had not only a school newspaper, but school run magazines and online platforms that I used and connected with. There were a lot of clubs that brought a lot to the campus like evening talks from bloggers, writers. And others besides writing and media but those were the events that stood out to me. 

While at UCC I used my resources and went to the library often to read and write. I got involved the way I know how- I didn’t do athletics but I joined societies, the photography club for instance. I wrote a few articles for the Journal societies website. I also was an editor for the literature journal, and did my placement at a conference that was held at UCC. 
The department were very friendly, the lectures were there and approachable. We only had 22 people but my lectures wanted to know us and go for a pint.  
I will say this the office hours were not good closed for three hour lunch break?


There were other programs in Ireland I considered but like I said UCC’s creative writing program was the perfect one for me, but having it in Cork was also a main reason. Cork was also near the family I worked for and had become my family away from home. Cork was a city I knew and liked living in. Ireland had become a place I loved and had developed a deep connection to. Back in 2013 I said I would attend grad school in Ireland and I did.  I won’t go on because I could go on.  I couldn’t think of anywhere else that was perfect. 
 I would highly suggest doing a masters if can abroad because it will not only make you stand apart but allow you to get something more then just a university education. you get a world education as well.

All in all

I put myself out there when attending UCC not only in writing and networking but also in Ireland itself. I felt like watching other people in similar situations I felt like I was doing it right , maybe for me, I was doing what the Irish do, becoming Irish. I was’t just learning or traveling, I wasn’t staying in one group, I wasn’t following. I was doing me and it pay off- even my friend told me that I wasn’t like others that come that I got involved in more ways then one.
I highly suggest doing a masters, going a broad and if at UCC you wont be disappointed. just make sure you put yourself out there.