Social Media: I love you, I hate you.


Social Media is great, it’s a way to make connections, keep in touch and share moments in your life faster. Yet, it also can be very negative on many different levels. It has created an almost “all you got” world or even a fake world. You question what is real most of the time. 



Social Media I love you, but I hate you at the same time and here are the reasons why.




I love you…




I have social media; I have a Facebook account, I have this blog. I also have twitter, instagram, pinterest, tumblr, and snapchat accounts. I also have a LinkedIn account and I have three different e-mail addresses. It is in my life. I love how I can share what I’ve been doing and keep up with people so easily. A way of connecting with people around the world, and having it so easily.   It may seem odd, but I have actually developed many different connections and friendships from doing that. Especially on twitter. And that is my top reason why I stay with it all. I like having it in my life, sometimes I do delete the apps just to give me some space but I can’t see me never using it again. Maybe cause its a fast past, always something to look at minus Facebook could go 24 hours on that and nothing would have changed. I’m a fast active person and social media fits my needing something to do.
I hate you….
The thing about social media is that conversation, effort, and care will have a different meaning when it involves relationships/friendships. Sure you get to connect with people from far away, see what they are up to but it seems as a result actually communicating with those far away has died. There is no real conversation where you are conversing with the person, hear what they have going on. Even Facebook messages has turned into what texting was for me- not actually sitting there and talking but messaging through out a period of time until it dies. You don’t call people, there is less face to face interaction, there is less real conversations that occur since social media has become such a big part of our lives. It’s like people already know about your trip because they saw it on Facebook. But, people aren’t willing to find out how was that Amsterdam trip? They just see it and call it good.
Forming relationships/friendships has become difficult because how do you know what/who matter? If they aren’t liking what you post? But the thing is that shouldn’t define a friendship, because most people that press like aren’t truly your friends. But then it goes back to the issue of just texting, in stead of calling to have a real conversation. Plus, those people you talk to weekly the ones that put in effort into your life are the people who matter most, especially when living far away.
And that’s the struggle, because it should be easier to make connections with social media. But, you lose a lot of friendships/relationships because you are not actually there (physically) AND social media has caused people to not put any effort or care into what is needed to keep friendships/relationships a live– TALKING.
I love you…
It’s really good on the business front. You can connect faster with businesses. Get involved with campaigns. All those things. I think twitter is good for sharing information while being yourself. But, you also have to make sure you are not crossing a line. Instagram is another good place especially if your field is in photography, blogging, food, fashion, fitness, or beauty. You can connect with others, connect with other businesses, and form relationships. The hard part is keeping it you, you need to be less personal and be more professional and the hard part is trying to find that balance.
I hate you….
What is real? Social media has come almost an advertisement. You have to be this way to get the likes/followers. Even on Facebook it’s a competition of how many friends you have, if you got the girl to friend you. You begin to question what is real? To get your instagram and blogging noticed it seems you have to be something you’re not. It would be interesting to see the statistics on what gets people’s attention. How do you get so many followers, without having the links, which I don’t know if they are real. And it should not matter how many likes you’re getting on a post, on your profile picture. Or how many friends you have on Facebook, how many followers you have, or if that number went down today. BUT, with society and the importance it places on being popular, and that it is important for businesses being noticed, and for people like me trying to develop a career, it is important. And social media can create a negative image on a person just because of how they are on social media – even if they are being honest. Yet that doesn’t seem to be enough?
But, what I have been told and what I’ve seen is that the all those people liking your portfolio picture, are they really your friends? Do they actually matter? And if the last question is a yes you really have to rethink that value and what actually matters to you and match it to the first question. And for all those instagrams with 1.5k followers, if they not a celebrity or known worldwide, look at what their content is, because you might see that their posts are not actually real. They are likely advertisement. OR them spending their days perfecting themselves for that perfect instagram shot. OR it’s not actually their picture; it’s someone else and they are getting the likes for something they didn’t put any effort in creating.
The sad part we know this, yet we still feed into it. We still follow them, we still like their posts despite knowing it’s all fake.




I love you/I hate you personal……




I love social media, I love it for work/buinesses/blogging but it has created a negative aspect to my social anxiety and my depression, that I have been battling since I was young. Social media has just become a whole new form of it which is not good. And I have/still develop ways to remind myself what is real, what really matters, and who cares. I enjoy Facebookbut I don’t put as much info up as people might think-yeah i post pictures but they could be weeks old. I have developed this theory that if people want to know they should ask. I am not going to lose the real connection, the real conversation, the real friendship/relationships. Like I tell people, if your not around or not talking to me your losing my attention. And social media has become such something I have developed a hate for the reasons I said because I have had those experiences and they triggered my anxiety.
All in all…
Social media developed so fast that we weren’t able to see how we could create a positive side to it and how we could change societies’ way of using it positively. Redefine the idea of what a women should be, what important, whats popular, go for the REAL. Instead we have create a world of popularity, need the likes, and adventirment. Social mead is great it fast its way of connecting the one thing we just have to remember is that we have to stay true to ourselves.




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