Wicklow, Wexford, and Waterford




Say that ten times fast. The beginning of September I went on a road trip with my adventure buddy all the way to Wicklow. Our furthest journey, a 2.5 hour car trip from Cork all the way to Wicklow, a county near Dublin county. (YES Dublin is a county and there is more then one place in Ireland to see). The best thing about Ireland is you get it all, coast, beach, forest, country side, city life- you just get rain and no real summer heat wave. (I KNOW!). But, that’s what I love about Ireland, it’s so easy to get to all the places and see so much. I love how open it is, how if I climb that hill maybe I could touch the clouds?

The problem with never getting to see the east coast of Ireland is it’s hard to get to taking public transportation unless you’re coming from Dublin. But thankfully my friend was willing to drive us up to something I would regret not seeing after I had seen it.




Wicklow was a combination of what is in Dublin and what is in the rest of Ireland. It is really close to Dublin so that’s why there are all the street lights, and suburbia communities. But we turned down one area that the street was flat along the edge and sheep were on the side of the road.  But as we drove further into Wicklow we entered another world of high hills, cliffs, valleys, waterfalls and a lot more sheep.

It was the perfect weather to be in the area, foggy with a little mist, not too bright to be blinded by the sun. You saw the shadows of the clouds move across the valley onto the hills. We drove in where the GPS told us to go, but as soon as we got to our destination we decided to feck it and just drive in on our own. Take a little risk. Which paid off because we ended up driving to the top of the waterfall. It was such a breath taking view that words could not describe! It was so green, I was surprised by so much green.

After spending too many minutes awing over the valley, the sheep, the hills, and the country side we could see we drove on to the town of Wicklow. The town had a lot of character. It was a little fishing town with the smell of fish vibrant in your nose.
I fell in love with Wicklow.


Not realising we were in Wexford I kept calling it Waterford or Wicklow. It was the in-between county of valley hills and just typical Ireland. We stopped in the ‘city’ of Wexford but really it was a large town; the only cities in Ireland are Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Galway (Galway is not a large city). Wexford is the largest town in county Wexford NOT a city.  There really wasn’t much in the town, not even a lot of options to eat as well. The town had a railroad track right on the edge near the water, no trains are active on where we were walking at least. There was a good amount of traffic however it seemed quite dead as you got out of the car and into the town. But we managed to find ourselves a place to eat and relax for a bit for our long journey home.


We’ve been in Waterford before but I will tell you about it anyway. It’s a small city with a crystal glass company there. It’s right on the sea side, and driving through Waterford is a lot like driving through the rest of Ireland- farm lands, cows, sheep and breath taking views of amazing things so close yet so far away.  I like heading into Waterford county for a quick get away from the city life of Cork and tourist that are on the wild atlantic way.


I have seen a lot of Ireland but not enough and not enough of the world.