A walk through Cork City

Walking down The Cornmarket Street midday, the sun is out and so is everyone else. Cork is filled with characters; everywhere you go, on every street, there is something and someone different and interesting to see. I pass Lidl where a variety of people are coming in and out, there are a few people visiting catching up on their lives. There are two men in nice slacks, standing next to a stand full of  religious pamphlets. I keep walking, passing one of the many local breweries, Rising Sons, where I meet a Newfoundland dog. I pick up a little chat with its owner, talking about how to pronounce Newfoundland and how I prefer big fluffy dogs or small ones like her chihuahua on the table. I say thank you and keep on walking. The daily little market is just closing up, people are out cleaning and walking around. I stand waiting to cross the street to head across the walking bridge. Theres a man next to me dressed all in leather, he must be warm but it’s not humid here, I thought. The light changes and I cross the street, looking back the man is still standing there. I go across the walking the bridge. Once on the other side of the bridge I go up the steps to the Shannon area where there are a few younger adults, around my age, in track suits chatting away, enjoying the nice weather. I turn to walk along the river towards Patrick Hill.

Cork doesn’t have neighbourhoods; it has streets. And each one is different with a variety of things to do. Take Opera Lane, it’s the high street for shopping. Oliver Plunket, the 2016 top street winner, has a variety of Irish themed pubs, small local shopping and is where a lot of tourists go. But there are other local streets like North Mall that has small little pubs and places to eat. 

As I look across the River I see the Opera House, the large TOPSHOP sign, and most of Cork city. The sun blinds me as I admire the city I love. Cork is completely Irish with local chippers and pubs. Its a city of its own; it is filled with culture with local theatres like the Everyman and festivals almost every weekend. Jazz Festival is coming up, the most popular and top festival in Cork; everyone around Ireland and the world comes to it. Every pub, every venue, every place has something going on. 

A lot of people come to Ireland and will only visit Dublin. And Dublin is a character in itself, but just like other major tourist cities like New York, London, Paris, its not only busy, but it meets tourist standards. Cork is starting to become more tourist friendly and meet the standards by having Starbucks on every corner, but the locals aren’t having it. They still love the indie, hipster, all Irish places, which keeps Cork, Cork.
I get along the streets perfectly fine, I get no trouble from anyone. I am also quick, knowing exactly where to go and where to avoid the crowds. I know how long the lights will take and when to take a chance. I move swiftly along the edge to get around a group of people taking up most of the walking path, making sure not to get hit by a car. But, I trust enough that I wouldn’t.  Running across the street to the Spar, grabbing a few drinks I head back to my hotel room to get ready for my one last night in Cork. 
The night life in Cork is as interesting as the day life, so many people, each street offering its own kind of night. There’s a little hidden away pub on Patrick street, very low key, very dark and hipster. I’ve gone to it once and have passed it many times. There are also historical pubs like the Oval, and dance clubs like Havanas, Voodoo (not my scenes), and new places popping up all the time with the new late night roof top bar Tip Top that is next to Bishop Park.
I get back to my room looking out over the top of the city I just walked through, wishing more people would see and experience Cork the way I’ve seen it. People should take a minute and get away from the tourist streets, and take a walk around the city see to see it for the first time maybe. Or sit outside at one of the many local pubs and breweries enjoying a midday pint or something to eat. Go to the theatre or sit outside the local library with a 99 and people watch because there are a variety of people to watch.
All dressed I put on my high heels and go out to spend my last night in a city I know and love.