Let me re-introduce myself…



If you haven’t noticed a city girl story has changed, we moved to our own domain and have a different layout. Probably a little less fancy, but I’m not fancy so it works. I thought I would re-introduce myself for this new home, for new readers, and followers. And well because I have moved as well.

Call me Kole.Processed with Rookie Cam

For the last two years I have lived in Cork, Ireland where not only was I working and going to school, but forming a life, finding my own little places, friends, and falling in love with everything and everyone around me. How did I end up there? Well, in 2013 I studied abroad in Limerick and after my last year of college  I took a year off and moved myself across the ocean to Cork, Ireland. While there not only was I faced with challenges but formed strengths. I found more of who I am and what I could do in the two years. Now, I am back in Minnesota, transitioning again, going into the big girl pants and figuring it all out at 24 years old. My hair is not naturally blond, but I do not wear extensions, yes I wear a lot of black, I talk a lot, Gilmore Girls is my bible, I have tattoos and I would love a Newfoundland one day.

I always said while I am changing, A City Girl story will be changing. And now with this new home for city girl and more time on my hands with no school and more ideas of what I want from blogging, we are going for it! You can expect the same honest, imperfection and real that is a city girl story. It will have lifestyle, street style, advise, my personal stories while I figure it out. It also will have creative fiction and non fiction, since I did get my masters in Creative Writing. And I really loved the media and story side of the program.

img_0562I have done extensive research and planning, created my own stats- my parents are statisticians so numbers just happen- I count every step when going up them. And now I have  figured out where City Girl is going. Like I said it’s changing and we are going for it.



So welcome to A City Girl Story. I’m Kole.





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