Lookbook: Two years in Jamie TopShop Jeans

I use to never wear jeans. They were stiff, they made me look even more shorter then I was, sitting in them and having my tummy go over the jeans was just NOT. Skinny Jeans were too tight or I looked like a chicken. So I wore leggings none stop but then I fell more in love with crop tops. And leggings and crop tops well that just IS a style no. But two years ago I walked into TopShop on Opera Lane in Cork for my birthday. I’ve heard about there jeans not feeling like jeans and the quality. So hunting for my size and the perfect jeans nearly breaking down in frustration. I tried on these Jamie Jeans, light blue no hidden lines only a few wholes. And yes I bought them even with the wholes. I know.

They were perfect. They didn’t roll over, they weren’t too tight, there was no awkwardness or odd colour to them. They didn’t fall down  when I walked. And I felt good in them. I began to only wear these jeans, which for a girl who hated jeans is means these jeans are AMAZING.

After two years and after about 10 million times of putting my foot in the rips are they now losing forms. The fabric is feeling loose, losing shape and colour. I fear the pockets in the back are forming wholes. Two years and this is just happening? In my other jeans I’ve had, bought cheap prob 25 or under, not flattering, itchy and didn’t feel good, losing shape not even after two washes. Jamie Jeans are the answer to every girls balance of confidence and wallet.

Yes, TopShop jeans are much cheaper in the UK or in Ireland. Its a bit over price in the states, like 90 dollars for a pair of jeans, I know! Its hard to grasp spending that much on a pair of jeans.  I bought them in my time in Ireland where euros was my currency and no converging was happening. So to me they were worth it (53 euros). Having being able to not spend so much money on a pair of jeans I had no clue if they would be the best jeans of my life I gave in and I was happy to give in. Knowing they last- two years+ I am still wearing them!

Theres not even a TopShop in Minnesota so wouldn’t be getting them anytime soon. However, these jeans were first pair I have ever worn since refusing to wear jeans ever again. And why spend money or even more money on jeans that just don’t work for you? So really TopShop jeans are worth it, said by a girl who hated jeans.