October days

I am not the big on October because things begin to become dry, like my skin. Plus, trying to find things to do becomes harder. It was more fun when you were a kid because every place you went was geared towards kids and kid activities. When it snows it’s the same deal. It gets harder to find things to do when you are 24 years old because going outside to play in the snow not only makes you look ridiculous, your adult brain has consumed your imagination. It would be nice to be a kid again.

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However, being back for a few days now (my being back experience post will be up at the end of the week) I wanted to do things, I wanted to experience fall and the season as an adult. Because sitting around the house reading a book does suit most people but it doesn’t suit me. Here are a few things I did along with what I wore.
Harvest festival: In Minnesota there is this town called Stillwater, a popular town, maybe even a tourist town in the summer. And they were having a harvest festival but everything had to do with pumpkins. They had underwater carving, a largest pumpkin competition, and pumpkin race. They also had music, a beer tent for the ones allowed to drink, stands to buy fall items and Minnesota pride shirts. We went on a Saturday early afternoon right when the festival had started. Spending only just a couple hours there we walked around the little stands they had. Watch them weigh the pumpkins and saw which one was the largest. The downside was there were not many food stands open. But it was a nice little afternoon and was something to do.img_4019

What I wore: It was going to be colder so I wore my thick flease leggings I have had for years, my old blue zip up, under a light night sweater shirt and my new bomber jacket from Forever 21. With my favorite leopard print hat.




October days: Since Octoberfest is happening all around the world one night my parents and I went to a local pub in NE Minneoplse for their Oktoberfest, where we got beer, large oretzs and sat in a German style beer garden to listen to music and watch dancing. It was a nice night.

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Pumpkin hunting: We went to the apple orchard I use to go when I was little. A lot of people and children were there. It was free to walk around but a lot of the activities you had to do weren’t. I wanted to go get a pumpkin but the pumpkin patch wasn’t as massive and the variety was not what I had hoped. There were too many large ones that I couldn’t even pick up if I tried. It was a disappointment since a lot of the orchards around here you can’t even go apple picking and the store had no apple samples and no one seemed to be rushing to bring out any either. IT kind of was like a show and they only wanted you to spend your money. But like the saying goes you get what you pay for and we didn’t pay other than the pumpkin.

What I wore: I wore the same pants I wore during the festival, the only difference was my forever 21 cropped jumper and socks that I rolled the pants up to look like I was going to go through fields.

Painting Pumpkins: I don’t like carving pumpkins, I am not patient and it’s very messy for me. So I painted my own pumpkins which was quick, easy and fun. I really like doing activities to get myself in the festival, autumn feeling especially when you could easily just not do anything and get in this rut. I had no real plan. I looked at pintreast but I just kind of was going to go with it and see what I came up with. I collected different leaves and thought I could use them which I did on the pumpkin we got from the orchard.

Just a few things I did to keep myself busy and keep up with the season.