A message for those beautiful girls & update.


The last week has been tough for a lot of people, a lot has happening. And poetics isn’t this blog. We are for young girls, women, differences and diversity. And I wanted to share something that not only was positive but also sent out a message. But everything I came up with felt like it could get back lashed, someone might not understand. The overthink began!

A city girl story is img_3806a place to influence young girls that they don’t have to fit in to be liked, to not be afraid to be yourself. How could I do that when all this shit was happening? All the things young girls, 20 something could be feeling. I was feeling it, my peers were feeling it. Women who went through it and thought we are getting somewhere and then this were feeling it.  I can’t just ignore it like, as someone who’s a women, someone who writes to girls, someone who has young girls that look up to her I needed to do something but I don’t want to participate in it either.


Personally, I have been struggling to find ways to share and experience things, find things to do. Like before this I was transition, still am, and this was like an added layer to it. It’s hard to find  motivation, happiness and positivity, and comfort. Which made it harder to write, share, be influence, do what a city girl story is. And I’m suppose to be what a city girl is? How!?

And I don’t want people to comment or read this and be everything we aren’t. Right now,we need to spread love, encouragement, know that we aren’t alone and we are loved. A city girl is not going anywhere, we have so many stories to tell and so more things to do.  And maybe throwing myself in will help me too.

I’m going to leave it here with piece I wrote:

Beautiful girl. She can do hard things with sadness in her eyes and a smile that lies. The outside world is telling her how to be. She looks at herself and wonders why. How can this be? She’s strong from were she’s been, yet weak from how she’s treated. But, beautiful girl you can do hard things.


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