Why you should watch Gilmore Girls this Friday.


If you haven’t noticed the Gilmore Girls is back- where have you been? It’s all everyone has been talking about. Gilmore Girls is back on 25 November. We know we are getting the full Gilmore Girls with their fast talking, coffee loving, and pop culture references. And if loving the show for its good quality story line isn’t enough there are the top 10 reasons to watch Gilmore Girls Friday.



  1. How it all ends? Gilmore Girls left us back in 2007 wondering what happened. There was no closure to the series finally that we kept wondering what happened. What happened to Lorelai and Luke after they kissed? And from the trailers we can tell it worked out, but are they happy? Where’s Rory? The independent girl is now home. Sookie was pregnant at the end of the show, what happened with her and Jackson?  Closure is what we Gilmore fans have been needing for 9 y
  2. We need to see what happened in their lives. What’s these characters been up to? Not only Lorelai and Rory but the town. There were so many side characters in the story that we all fell in love with and want to see what has happened in their lives. To name a few: Curt, Paris, Lane, Miss Patty, Babet, Mechelle, the list can go on.
  3. How are they going to honor the late Edward Herrmann (Richard)? If you saw the show Richard was a big part of the Gilmore Girls’ lives, a husband to Emily, a distant yet caring father to Lorelai, and Rory’s mentor. Having him gone will be an important part not only to the characters’ stories but to see how the show will honor Edward Herrmann.
  4. It’s a one of a kind show. There is nothing like it; everything about this show is enjoyable. Not only the characters in the show and their relationships but the stories, the humor, and the energy. The empowerment it gives to women. We can’t forget Lorelai is a strong female character; she had Rory when she was only 16 and had to work hard to get where she is.
  5. Because it’s Gilmore Girls….pretty self explanatory.coffeeletteringprintable

The Gilmore Girls are back on our screen giving us what we have been needing for 9 years, closure and bit more understanding to what exactly happened to our friends. Not only that we get characters we love back in our lives, we get the brilliant stories back. And we couldn’t be more excited.


One thought on “Why you should watch Gilmore Girls this Friday.

  1. […] Gilmore Girls was about the characters’ lives. The characters had their relationships, we’ve had our opinions and our love for each one. The girls showed us how to deal with breakups-wallowing is good. And it seems since the show is coming back everyone has chosen which team they are on regarding Rory’s relationships, which is fine, but that’s not what the show should be about or the focus. Because really, if you haven’t noticed, Rory is a driving independent girl who puts herself first. Spoiler for season 7,  she says no to Logan. I have my opinion on which boy is the best for Rory, I could debate about it, so comment below and we can talk about it there. Because really I want to emphasize how disappointing I was when I saw the articles and quizzes about Gilmore Girls that were focused on their love life. I get that they needed to draw people in, but Gilmore Girls is so much more than what Team you are on. I’ve listed the top 5 reasons to watch Gilmore Girls here. […]


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