Let’s talk about Gilmore Girls

ecf492cc925bdc06a2c81446c7df9d63I started watching Gilmore Girls when it was still on the WB, jumping right into season 4. I fell in love with it and began to watch the reruns every day on ABC Family after school. I would ask for the DVDs for christmas, binge watching it at least 3 times during the summer. I got Gilmore Girls books, I wrote down all their pop culture references after they stopped putting the reference books in the dvds. And I too can tell you season 7 was the worst Gilmore Girls season. Gilmore Girls wasn’t a television show it was a lifestyle (reference in the show).

Gilmore Girls was about the characters’ lives. The characters had their relationships, we’ve had our opinions and our love for each one. The girls showed us how to deal with breakups-wallowing is good. And it seems since the show is coming back everyone has chosen which team they are on regarding Rory’s relationships, which is fine, but that’s not what the show should be about or the focus. Because really, if you haven’t noticed, Rory is a driving independent girl who puts herself first. Spoiler for season 7,  she says no to Logan. I have my opinion on which boy is the best for Rory, I could debate about it, so comment below and we can talk about it there. Because really I want to emphasize how disappointing I was when I saw the articles and quizzes about Gilmore Girls that were focused on their love life. I get that they needed to draw people in, but Gilmore Girls is so much more than what Team you are on. I’ve listed the top 5 reasons to watch Gilmore Girls here.

Lauren Graham said it best in Parade magazine,“There is a kind of quiet will power to the show that is very inspiring to young women and their moms.” And that is 98.8% true. It’s not 100% because I know people are going to point out that it’s not. They will claim it could have been done better. But I will say that it’s a TV show and it wasn’t going to be about controversial issues. But you know it was a feminist, empowering woman show because of the story plot (mother and daughter relationship, mom having her at 16) and with it’s culture references and backstories; the writer came out to say one of the minor characters was gay. Gilmore Girls wasn’t going to be show the reality of getting knocked up at 16. That wasn’t what Gilmore Girls was about. We should know that. HOWEVER, the show had a strong independent female character, Lorelai, who wasn’t going to pity or mess up her life because she was 16.  She was strong and determined to succeed, leaving her parents house and living in an Inn. Again, others might have others to say about this.  

barrjt-iaaec0qkWhat the show did do was influence women to do it all with or without a man in their lives. The Gilmore Girls had their fair share of relationships, but they always ended because they weren’t going to let a man change who they were. Growing up watching this, living Gilmore Girls, being a Gilmore Girl–fast paced, with a lot sarcasm showed me it’s okay not to have a man.  Gilmore Girls gave a voice to young girls.  Thus, having a “team” of who Rory should end up with makes no sense for the Gilmore Girls.

Comment below we can talk more about Gilmore Girls! #gilmoregirlsclub



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