Going for Goal

I’m such a planner especially whe I was in school. I was the girl who had everything written down.  And now that school is no longer my life I’ve become a little disorganised. I found myself in this whole of nothing.  Here I was with no motivation no push no goal in mind that was driving me.

ec923af1dd25f69d85b86c1cca7e6c2cAnd being me my mind went on this rollercoaster connecting so much things to this ability to just be who I was before the big move. I walked a lot, I worked out a lot, I went out a lot, I met people a lot. Here I was waking up throwing on clothes from yesterday and the day before, in my sisters old bedroom now an office staring at my computer and going a little crazy because leaving the house and driving somewhere wasn’t happening.  That soon died down, but the question of where to go and not knowing where to go still comes into question. Inability to just walk around feel okay, was filled with culture shock and anxiety. I felt lost in a place familiar.


Where was I heading?


I decided I come up with this new system of “Goals” a chart-like when a kid does something nice or good, or goes potty he gets a sticker-i would do that for myself. (I’m a child).  I put categories together which included self, career, blog, writing, health and fitness, reading, and over all creativity. These were the things I wanted to focus on and work towards.

The Rules…for each month I would have specific goals. For instance, November under career it was to get a job. And every week I would fill in the months of the pie according to that months main goal for that category. And at the end of each month I would treat myself to what fits in that category. If they are all filled in a BIGGER reward.  If not, well I am only disappointing myself. I figured I would do this to help me with my transition, to get myself motivated, and feeling good about myself, get my happiness back.

For the month of November I disappointed myself. I got one goal, a jobS. Everything else ehe, I haven’t finished a book, I haven’t work out as much as I would like to, and I haven’t found my spots.


I writing this cause at end of each month I thought I’d write a post about my journey of goals, if i disappoint myself, and my transition back. We are just figuring it all out remember?


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