Smile because it happen…

Life takes you places its one big unknown adventure that is summed up in ‘ everything happens for a reason.’ And you got to go with it, you could question it but that’s no good. In the moment it may be hard to find the reason but looking back you will see the reason of it was meant to happen to bring you where and who you are. That’s the best part.
Someday you’d wish things would be different but that’s not fair. Wanting it all back, isn’t going to do you any good. You get yourself in this inability to see and love what you have in front of you . It isn’t easy to say or even stop especially when you want it all back, but you begin crush you down. Thinking backwards causes more heartbreak but you should always say ‘I don’t regret anything’ because it all happen for a reason.

What happen will always be yours and no one can take that away from you, not even if you feel like someone else has they aren’t you, you aren’t them. And what you had was yours its just now a memory. Allow yourself to enjoy the moments that have been lived and being lived. Allow yourself to look back at those memories with those people and smile because they happen.

You just need time, time to smile and be happy that those times spent was worth it, that you got to have those memories, got to have those people even for a moment, you got to have those feelings, you get to keep a lot of it. Some of it will be lost forever, some of it will come back, some will always be there and that is another best part. It’s not easy, its really really hard, especially when you lose someone or something. but Smile because they happen. 

Time is a bitch but time also allows you to see where e.h.f.a.r takes you. Might be surprise to what could happen, where you could end up, and who might show up.



If all else fails, laugh cause life is a funny thing.