City Girl: Living in Ireland vs. Living in Minnesota

a-city-girl-story-blogLiving in Ireland vs living in Minnesota is  my story of what its been like. This is not suppose to be like Ireland is better or disowning Minnesota, this is just the differences for me and my transition is like. Warning its long one, so grab a cuppa and a blank it. 

If you didn’t know I lived in Ireland for two years and I’m back in Minnesota.Some may think it maybe easy coming back, but its not. I’ve been gone two years. My prime 20s (22-24) was lived in Ireland and I really loved it there a lot, I felt like I belonged, I liked what I could do, and the easy going of it all. And now I am back where I was from and its a bit weird because I have grown out of it. That’s hard.

The most drastic change I am going through, I mean its all pretty drastic, but the location of where I am living and the not so easy access to things. In Minnesota I am living in the berbs where I’m surrounded by houses and streets, gas stations, and locals community things. I can drive 15 minutes to get anywhere, 6 different targets. There’s no local pub just liquor stores. And traffic has become worst. In Ireland, I lived in two places one was near a beach where I had to drive places to get to shops/pubs but I lived right on the beach so nature and adventures got me out of the house. I lived in the city were I was surrounded by things, places and people that I could walk to. And I really liked walking, not being able to walk everywhere is hard, I’ve become lazy. I just walk across the hall to do a work out and do office work-easily distractions that is why I always left to go to the library. (oh Boole Lib how i miss you and Q2 #futurehusbanhunt).

Another thing is I had my usual places, I knew how to get around. Where oddly enough I’m lost to how to get around in Minnesota. I don’t know where to go if I want the best muffin, or sit to just have a casual drink without feel out of place (Silly Goose was that) or my usual going out place with causal yet a dance floor (Reardens).  I don’t know where to go, and I’ve been trying to find my “Minnesota places.”  But I feel more out of place then before. You feel odd.

Odd. Its odd to say to people that you have to double check your count of money when you have an American accent-because like you should know this- and to be fair I wasn’t really good at counting change until I moved to Ireland thank you Euro coins. And all the bills are same color so…which ones which like?! It’s odd.

There is culture differences with living in Ireland vs in Minnesota, but this post wasn’t about that. I do see it, and I am very understanding that it is different. And I am living a different life just have to find my places. However its not easy.

More Personally…

I left my life and friends in Ireland. And people I know on this side are living far away from me, have moved on with there lives just like I have. And really my closes friends are in Ireland, I mean 2 years of people I’ve hung out with all the time I’m not anymore, that’s hard.  I’m missing out on things like  my best friends birthday, I’m missing 12 pubs- I’d like to do those things here bring the things I enjoy here but who, where and when I have no answer to.

Coming back means starting over, a good example is I made connections with my blog in Ireland and places now I have to find it here–and there are more people here. And I don’t really know where I fit in. 

The question I get asked a lot…

Would I go back to Ireland? Of course. Would I move back, I don’t know. I left for a reason and I can’t just go back because I have nothing and I’m still adjusting. I told people a year in Minnesota and then we will see does that rule out Ireland no. I know I have to give this a chance, but like we have established I’m not good at this whole waiting thing like.

This has and still is a transition and I’m just figuring it all out, taking one day at a time.



This was my story. If you would like advise post about how to adapt oneself or deal with transitioning let me know.  OR if you want me to write anything else. Let me know, I like to hear from you because really I’m just running on what pops in my brain and stories I’d like to share.  And it would be nice to get some feedback and suggestions 🙂 So let me know down below.