Not worth the hype

Sometimes its not worth the hype.

Do you ever buy things, spend the money and think why did I spend the money on that? Do you ever buy things because everyone else is buying it and think it might be worth it? Well I sure have. I rarely ever give into buying into trends especially if its going to be above 20 bucks. However, there are a few things I have bought because I thought it would be worth it, I gave in, wanted to try it myself because I’ve heard so much waves, but that has been proven that’s not always true.

This is nothing large like high end stuff, I mean if your going to spend that much you kind of expect it to be good, its more of items I bought and was disappointed. 

  • Sleek Contour palette: Contouring is very popular and palettes are must have. I bought the sleep counter palate since everyone was raving about it and for the price you could not get it. However, after two uses I hit pan on the yellow one. Which is the top reason why I would not by it–yes it had the nice greyish brown for  my checks, but after so much sponging it finally did sink into my skin. IMG_7913.jpg
  • NYX concealer: I never used a concealer so fast in my life?! I am very surprise about the size of NYX stuff, I mean there not that expensive but you kind of hope it would last more then a week.
  • Rimmel Sun shimmer: This tanning product was spouse to make getting ready quickly and easy, it just made my hands orange, made my skin feel slimy in the shower, and getting out of the shower I could not tell if it actually worked.IMG_7919.jpg
  • Loreal foundation infallible pro glow: first off what a name! 2nd off the reason why I don’t like it is because of the smell. I got it because I watch video of girls raving about it and I needed like a travel foundation. And well, does not travel well its messy, and mixing it with other foundation idk if its cause mines from Walgreens and not Boots it like doesn’t mix well like they say.

I’m probably missing a few things but those where the recent things I’ve bought and wish I didn’t spend the money despite being drug store affordable. Like I said it takes me a lot to spend money on products, but now that I am working at a make up place and around products, hearing about them, able to ‘play’ around I might give in. I already have  but products I’ve tried out before and love those included: Benefit products, Nars concealer, Anastasia Beverly Hills, urban deca eyeshadow concealer. Drug store Rimmel foundation 100%, Collection concealer YES holly grail, rimmel lipstick, sleep liquid lipstick (LOVE).

Each to there own really some people like Michael Chores bags I prefer Fossil like. I just thought this post would be a little helpful.

What I usually do when about to buy products I usually ask the people working there especially if there honest, I play around with the products in the stores, ask my friends, watch videos, and really think about it, why I want it, when will I use it, and how–and if they have like ‘travel sizes’ there usually much cheaper and worth trying out. Also could also get samples or testers–ask!!! ASK before spending the money!!! I mean its harder to test out drug store products, in American they don’t have testers, and testers in Europe they kind of get gross.




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