Styling: Holiday

Let’s play dress up! 

I love putting together outfits. Why am I not a stylest? It’s one of those thing a person doesn’t think they could do because they do not have a background in fashion. But I love putting together outfit ideas. So here is the first one: Holiday Edition.

That Little Black Dress


Dress: Forever 21 $23

Shoes: Zara $119

Necklace: Topshop $45

Bag: New Look $25

I kept on seeing fashion/styling posts of outfits that were overpriced. So I thought I’d create a style post of things I found online. I want each outfit to be reasonably priced and still look good. Now I know those Zara shoes contradict my above statement, however, I invest in shoes because I have wide feet and I’d rather have my shoes be well made and last longer. Your feet will thank you later!

Velvet Dress


Dress: Boohoo $22

Steve Madden Boots: $120

Accessories: Forever 21  Bag: $24.90 Necklace: $4.90

For the holidays its all about the sparkly, metallic colors, velvet fabric, usually red and green together. I am not one for red or green or even sparkles, but I am really into velvet fabric. What I really like about the above outfit is how festive it is for the holiday season.

I found everything online and I created the collages using Polyvore. A site I use to play with when I was in middle school and couldn’t believe it still is around! This does not mean it will be in store, which I hate. But ideally I could go into a store, walk around, and create an outfit that looks just like the ones above.


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