2016 was for the girls to be ready for 2017

For all girls you are “me” in this.

To 2016 and all that has impacted me thank you for every little part of you. For you really tested my ability after those years behind you and allowed me to know what was really important in myself and that loving myself was not only enough but the strength I needed.

For I am ready for 2017 because of you. There are 365 empty days ahead of me, unwritten, un-lived, and I am ready to take them on. I used to fear  the unknown, getting too attached, or getting hurt, for the unknown is pretty scary. But I know I am strong enough for whatever lies ahead because I made it through 2016. I made it through the bad days, I got past the heartbreak, and I got over the break downs.  I needed those days.

Everything that broke me in 2016 was what I needed. Everything that opened my eyes in 2016 helped me to see; everything that happened is what needed to be. For every person in my life that walked out or who stayed, I needed them to do that to me. Every good day that made me smile I needed to show me there is good out there. Every adventure I needed to bring me back. What happened in 2016 I wouldn’t take back and I am taking with me. Because I am able to come to terms that I was enough, and I had what I needed to take on the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I was able to find the strength to heal and thrive in myself;  I knew it was up to me to do it own my own. I had my best days on my own, I had my worst days by myself, and I shared the exciting times by myself. It was all me, I did 2016 all by myself. And that’s all you really need to heal yourself from everything that breaks you down. I know I can do it all by myself.



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