Going for it in 2017

I usually like to take the first week as a trial run this is why its ten days into me saying what I want out of this year….

We are more often seeing limitations forcing us to resist. I’ve seen so many lost when you think like that, I have felt broken because of that idea. No one should ever or feel like they have to limit themselves. I’m someone who is driven by her passion that doesn’t want to hold back on anything. I’ve written over and over again that same theme of if you want something go for it, don’t think of what could happen, and if its going to break you let it because it could be worth it in the end.

When deciding to move to Ireland I found a job. And  I was doing it for myself despite what others may have thought at the time.Then when I found I got into graduate school it was the same thing, most importantly I had the confidence to do grad school despite my difficulties. This year I will be hitting 25 and it feels like I have to settle down in a way I don’t want to settle down, thus there is this pull–Peter Pan never showed its time to grow up. Another thing that sets me back is my doubt in my ability. I have always been a confident person even during my awkward phase of orange hair.

I wrote down the other day how I am tired of temporary things and not getting what I want or deserve because of ‘reality’ or putting doubt in myself, putting limitations on myself. Which can come in all different forms of saying something but not doing it, telling yourself no. What I want out of 2017 is to put away my doubts and really put myself out there with these things goals:

  • writing and blogging: I love writing and this is something I want to do, but there are times where I stop myself, I put limitations because of doubt or lose an focus. And I am going to stop that, going to work hard, not just say but do what I said and work at it. put my writing out there with no fear.
  • Self-worth: Confidence in myself is something I struggle especially when you find that the thing you keep fighting is still something you have to fight. I’m going to work on putting confidence in my abilities, and don’t second or explain myself.
  • Don’t settle & find what I love: I found myself feeling stuck, and settling down really bothers me. Maybe it’s cause I can’t sit still or fact I’m just a wanderlust wild wing girl. I want to do what I am passionate about rather then settling for a 9-5 job that gets me by.  I want to settle in where I’m not stuck but growing and loving what I am doing. Not just doing something to get by.
  • Road Trip: I have access to a car and from not having access and doing public transition for years I wan to do more road trips. Really go off the road, get away for  like a day and not let anything stop me. Use to do that all the time and I miss it.
  • Save & do more for free: There is a lot you can do for free and I want to do those things. It seems like every weekend we go shopping, I love to shop but I want to spend more on things that would give me more.

If you are in your 20s I will say this don’t worry about anything let your life play out, don’t rush anything, let things happen as they come and let things break you, really live out your 20s is the best thing you can do. But if you are like me hitting your mid-twenties, half way to 30 you and your just feeling stuck, overloaded, feeling lost or feeling like your going backwards. Don’t worry, do things to get yourself out of this whole and go for it; don’t be afraid.

That motivation will push you because there is this feeling you get before you do something crazy that pushes you to go





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