Entering a career media base in the 21st century.

This isn’t a political debate, this is personal. This is the real raw truth about how I am feeling about my career NOT with blogging but with what I went to school for and what I want to do for a job. 

This isn’t going to be your typical blog post about style, or favorites, or let me tell you about this book, this is my personal story. If you are someone who wants to make a political statement, which again this isn’t a political post, go somewhere else. I posted this on my Facebook page because it was more personal but no one seemed to hear me. And this is an issue that is close to me.

I majored in creative writing, took courses in media and communication and I want to go into a career that is media based. And now this whole fake media thing is happening.

unnamed-1It’s great we have access to resources and people can post and share whatever they want. We have so many different types of media and sources. It’s a great means I can write for so many other things!!

But it has lead to a negative, threatening thing called FAKE media, or worse, calling it corrupt media!? Media has become something more than just giving out what’s happening, via trends, reality TV etc. And it is getting blurry.

In school we learned what a reliable source is, and learned to just facts vs. opinions. When I hear something I read about it, I do some digging, I learn and I use my sources. That is how I do it. Maybe you do something different. Media is something that is important, having unlimited access has given us this great ability.  There exist several well established media sites–that is BBC, CNN, Fox News, New Yorker, even your local newspaper are credible sites. And there are a lot of sites now that are giving OPINION over facts, or they are stating facts from reliable sources that is getting mixed up in opinion and “what was said.”  Does opinion come out, yes it can, but that’s called an opinion piece. Journalists are educated in giving facts over opinion. We are taught to give the who, the what, the when, a quote from a source, give the FACTS. And maybe it’s because now things are trending and more things are happening people will talk about what happened. Is because something is trending make it true? Not necessarily. Unfortunately, what happens is just because something is ‘trending’ it makes it news. Remember, a reliable source isn’t someone’s personal twitter account, or the shared Facebook status! Social media isn’t a credible source – those are people’s opinions. So when someone shares an article it’s your job to find out if it comes from a reliable source!

Not mine found in google search “facts vs. opinion”

Like I said, it’s a bit of a blurr, and having such access is a good thing, free speech is a right, but you can’t control it. We can’t change what people think, we can’t change what people believe in; that’s their right. How you read something can easily be misunderstood, words can be confusing. BUT, remember that those in the media/journalist are trained to provide the facts, if it’s breaking a news story, or saying what happened in the day. What you choose to believe is on you. The media is not just giving a story. (a professor said that to me once) You wouldn’t believe the assignments I would get back in my courses where things were crossed and I was told that’s an opinion, what’s the source.

Having a blog is giving me an opportunity to write and share my ideas. Am I writing the facts, no this is a blog, not a reliable source.But, what I say on here has happened, what I write does have some facts to them, like this one. I’m writing my feelings and opinion on what has been in the news and how media has been treated. And blogging is one source of media, I like to go into, not even for my personal blogging but for companies and career’s but that too can be gone

But really I want to say is…

This whole ‘talk’ around the issue of the media fills me with anxiety. Like I said it is something I want pursue as a career. And all that has happened, you know, isn’t making me feel any better.

Sorry that this blog wasn’t “blogger” type it was real, it was raw and it was the truth. I did say how I wanted to talk more about different topics on here and it wasn’t that raw–I feel a little raw as I write it. It was something that is close to me and is making it harder for me to go on with writing, with what I went to school for and even blogging.


4 thoughts on “Entering a career media base in the 21st century.

  1. Yaaaaas! I graduated in August and have been working at a newspaper for about four months now. Our newsroom had some serious conversations about what this new world of media looks like and how do we continue to put out good contact that people want to read, while also assuring them that we are continuing to keep to good journalistic ethics and practices. It’s hard and it can be scary, but I definitely think if you’re passionate about it then your the one to take on this new world with us!
    Also, relevant side note, I definitely think media literacy/how to consume news should be a “basic” that everyone has to take like English or sciences. I firmly believe things would be a little bit better if the general public got even a fraction of as much training on how to consume news as media majors do.
    Also, if you need help with anything or just want to chat about working in the media, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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