Living Abroad: top 10 advise on moving across the sea

I lived abroad in Ireland for two years and maybe this advice is only related to “Ireland” but may give you an ideas if you happen to move abroad. These are my top 10 advise tips when your moving across the sea to live.


  1. PACKING: Only bring the things you love because there are shops over there and you can buy a lot of your basic needs there, e.g. bathroom stuff. I pretty much brought the clothes I loved and wore every single day, including four pairs of shoes. I also brought  things I would need right away like my makeup, but only enough to last  short time.
  2. IMMIGRATION: Have everything ready for when you are entering and for immigration. I was in line once and a guy did not have anything with him he just said he was going to go to school and thought that was it. No. They want to see documents, so have them ready. I organized all my documents in a three ring binder.
  3. CULTURE SHOCK: Know that things are going to be different when you live in a foreign country. I think this is the most important thing you will need to learn. When you are moving abroad know things will be different, you won’t be used to how they talk so keep an open mind.
  4. HOMESICKNESS: Get out and about. I think the hardest thing about living abroad is being away from your family. I won’t lie you will experience major homesickness, but the key is to not pity yourself and get out of the room. Go out and do things, grab a friend you just met and do something.
  5. EXPERIENCE: Do what the people do. Or in my case do what the Irish do. The best part about my trip is that I was able to hang out with the people and did what they did. I adapted myself into their way of life – I put on the 6 inch shoes, I sat in a pub on a Sunday afternoon, I really got into dressing up when I was there. Not only did I get a better experience I got to form some really solid friendships.
  6. MONEY: Get yourself a bank account, if you are going to be there for a year it comes in handy, epsically if you are going there for school it’s pretty easy. When it comes to currency I really wouldn’t compare how much the difference is between your currency and theirs.
  7. TRAVELING: When you are over there you have a lot more access to a lot of countries. I can write a more in-dpth blog post about this but my advice is to take advantage of Ryan Air and Hostels.
  8. MAKE IT YOUR HOME: When moving yourself abroad it’s best to make yourself feel at home. That means buying things for the walls of your bedroom, even little things can make a room feel like it is yours. Buy a phone and get a local number, and like I mentioned before open a bank account. Really make it your home, don’t make it something that is temporary.  That will honestly make the transition and homesickness go away.
  9. FIND YOUR PLACES: Find your places. Develop a routine and places you go, the places you shop, the things you buy. Now that you are living abroad you are starting over again.
  10. GROW: The most important advise I could ever give when living abroad is allow yourself to grow. Living abroad will break you but it will also fill you up with so much love, experience, and knowledge. Allow yourself to be open to anything. Really go for it.


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