Four years ago I went to Ireland for the very first time


Yesterday marked the day I left for Ireland for the first time, which was the start of my adventure. It also instigated this blog. I think about how if I had gone to a different school I may have chosen a different study abroad program and not AIFS, and I wouldn’t have ended up in Ireland. I wouldn’t have lived there for two years. IMAGINE.


My first time there was a story to tell and one for the books. I got to travel, only slept in hostels, learned to accept a lot of things, and to really go with the flow. I got to experience so many new things that I know help me to become who I am. I got to be myself fully. And I met some cool people; some I am still friends with and we all still have a connection because of those months together.  Four years ago I was still in college, lost and confused, struggling, some days feeling broken. And those 4 months really impacted me and changed the direction of my life that I could never take back ANY of it! 

To Mark that it has been four years I decided to write a little creative peace and share it:

 For I left my heart in Ireland. 


I lost myself where I found myself in Ireland four years ago. In a foggy place I did not know. A place so open with rolling green hills. Where the sea met the shore I felt this thing inside me, growing each day, freedom to finally be who I wanted, who I needed to be.                      

I became the person I was supposed to be because of this place. It wasn’t just the people, it wasn’t just the community or lifestyle, it was the whole deal. I walked the city streets, the country roads looking out over the land, seeing further in the distance, knowing this was where I belong.

Where silence shuts off the noises in my head. A place filled with secret spots, to be able to roam around with no fear and peace of mind.

It’s a place I am not from, but cannot leave. Not even when I’m miles away my heart is still there.


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