Flash Fiction: Feeling too much

F E E L I N G   T O O  M U C H


Feeling too much by the  weight of the world and the touch of everyone you meet. You’re not emotional. You’re caring with such a big heart, everything is important and nothing is little. There is passion and love burning inside of you, driving you and breaking you down. You feel sorry for the stranger on the street. You’re affected by the stories you see on the TV and read. There so much around you and you feel it all.

 It’s a curse to feeling too much. You break down. You try to keep going but you can’t–it’s too heavy, wondering, how can others not feel this weight, this heaviness? How do they keep going? How do they keep fighting, how are they able to let it all go?

You are an angel with wild wings not everyone can love and care as hard as you.

To stop feeling so heavy and to stop caring would be so easy if you were someone else. You’d be able to write again, not feel so overwhelmed, and you’d be able to create, letting go of the things you should have let go of a long time ago. But, you can’t because you are someone who feels and that isn’t a bad thing, it’s a gift.

0FF84F6A-8335-4332-84D2-250FF12CC2A3.jpgFeeling too much is a rare thing to have. Most people don’t care at all, and the frustration in that is what drives you mad. You wish they cared, that they understood, and would feel what you feel. And you would stop feeling hurt and broken by it. You’re the one with passion in the eyes refusing to cave or give up. You love the hardest. Others can feel what you feel and people want you because you are someone who makes them feel.


You don’t care what people think; you care for who they are.

There reaches a point of not feeling anymore because for as much as you feel there can be a point when there is too much so you can’t care anymore. You can’t handle it any longer. That point isn’t where you give up, it’s when you are burning inside even more. Because even though you feel drained you are able to stand up and speak. You are able to finally say “I care and I love you but I’m done with you.”