Travel: What to pack

Did you pack your own bag? No my mother did. 

Is what I want to say to customs. I am an over packer but I am a planner, too. I sadly think about what I need/want to bring with me a month in advance, planning in my head, telling myself no, thinking about what to wear, wearing my clothes and asking myself do I want to wear this there. And when I do pack I think logically about how I pack, when I land what’s the first thing I will need out of my suitcase. My carry-on bag is organized perfectly to get through security fast because I get annoyed with people who don’t take off their belts even though it’s a known thing. This “what to pack” for a two week, two different country and one big party addition.

The trip: two weeks in Ireland with a three day trip to Scotland. I will be road tripping in Wicklow; hopefully, finally cliff jumping into the ocean, graduating and seeing friends and old places like I never left.

The weather: it’s a wet winter in Ireland, and Scotland will be much colder. Maybe there will be sun but it’s not going to be a tropical vacation.

I can have two carry-on bags and one checked bag, but when traveling to Scotland I can’t have a checked bag.

What’s in my carry-on bag?

img_9470I’m trying to be very good this time and not pack so much, which is hard because I just think I might need this or that. But here’s my limit list I created:

  • Important document– these are important to have with you and ready when you are going through customs
  • Ipad– if you can do work on your iPad there is no reason to carry your heavy computer with you. And those wires too.img_9472
  • Notebook– ALWAYS. I was going to limit myself to one small journal to write about my day, thoughts, jot down blog ideas, what I see, etc. I also want to work on a story I’ve been meaning to finish so I’m bringing that notebook too (I like to have separate notebooks for specific uses.).
  • Small planner-to see where you’ll be on which dates (if you’re anything like me I am a visual person and I like to have dates planned out.). I might not actually need this I might go digital this time on my iPhone calendar.
  • Pencil case– obviously you will need something to write with.
  • Cosmetics– planes are dirty and you will need something to look and feel good while you travel.img_9475
  • Camera/wires– always carry your cameras with you. Someone lost their bag once and it had their camera in it. Everything electronic like plugs carry with you as well.
  • Eye mask– I’m sensitive to light so I always wear an eye mask. Mine’s a kitty one I got at Penny’s for 3 euros.
  • NO Teddy 😦

How to pack your carry on is basically all the things you will need and don’t want to lose, so I put in my jewelry, medicine, and all my adapters, and anything that is valuable to me.


What’s in my suitcase?

This seems to always be heavy, no matter what I do it just is a lot of stuff.The plan is to bring those day to night looks since I’ll probably be going out a few of my days there. My suggestion to packing is put on the clothes and make three outfits out of them, one for day, one for evening, and then an “extra” outfit. So here is what I have:


  • 2 Pair of jeans- you are going to need bottoms
  • dresses- if you are a dress person or you know you will be going somewhere that requires a dress.
  • 2 jackets- you really don’t need too many, one main jacket and then a jacket you can throw on that’s lighter weight.
  • shirts-depending how long you are going to be there always bring extraimg_9467
  • pants- athletic, leggings
  • shoes- if your a shoe person don’t bring more than 3 pairs and plus the pair you wear on the plain, so 4
  • cosmetics- depending on who you are bring the minimal but also those samples you have-this is a good time to use them.
  • jewelry- what you are going to wear every day and then specific pieces if you want something special
  • wash cloth- must have!
  • robe-so when you’re getting ready you’re not naked unless you like sitting and doing your make up naked, go for it!

Packing is an over thinking job. But, I think the best thing to do when packing is to think of outfits, and for this generation and time we also have to think about those pictures.

img_6599-1This trip I’m excited yet my anxiety is up because of this I’m cutting off e-mails unless it’s really important. I’m not going to check my Instagram feed 24/7 like a true blogger should be doing. I am probably not going to touch any social media until the end of the day, not even then if I can help it. I’m taking these two weeks as an escape. And to be creative with my writing, my photography and really just enjoy my time. I haven’t seen my friends in MONTHS & rain or shine I will be walking around, sitting and drinking at one of my favorite watering holes (HA).


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