What being 25 really means.

I am writing this after a long traveling adventure, I am jet legged, and all I really want to do is close my eyes and do nothing. Which I could do but after being gone for two weeks there is a dirty filled suit case to unpack, there’s mail to be open, and things to do– welcome back to reality! But that can hold off one more day because today’s my birthday! I had a party last Friday which WAS super DUPER fun in Reardens, of course, with all my friends which I loved. And tonight we are going out to eat. I’m turning 25, which can be daunting.unnamed-3

This year for a”birthday” post it’s all about what it really means to be 25, because we have this idea that we are 25! and we really should be at this point of our lives of success and a new chapter–maybe even the white picket fence house. That is not necessarily true. Here’s a list of what I realised what being 25 really means.

  1. It doesn’t mean you’ll have it figured out
  2. It means you’re not 21 anymore so don’t act or dress like it
  3. you’ll change your path a few times
  4. you will know exactly what you DON’T want and couldn’t be bothered with any of it
  5. It doesn’t mean you have to be married by now
  6. You don’t have to be like your parents
  7. It means you have to really start washing that make up off your face before bed
  8. Means your still closer to 0 then 100
  9. You’ll have smaller groups of people in your life and that is more important then large groups
  10. You don’t have to have that career job, your still searching for itunnamed-2
  11. Time to invest in good face products
  12. It does meany you need to start brushing your hair
  13. It doesn’t mean you have to CUT it OR stop dying it purple
  14. You are definitely not in high school anymore
  15. You are definitely not in college anymore
  16. You feel more confident but you do feel a little unease cause you are 25 and should know shit–BUT you don’t and that is okay!
  17. You really need to learn how to cook
  18. It’s time you  get a dog
  19. You don’t have to buy a house
  20. You really should know what benefits meanunnamed
  21. You are a women here yourself RAWR
  22. Buy yourself more sophisticated clothes (goes along with how your not 21 anymore) WHICH doesn’t mean designer
  23. It means you have to take care of yourself a little differently now
  24. Wear less sneakers and more boots
  25. It does mean you invest more
  26. Being 25 isn’t scary it’s actually quite exciting


25 isn’t as scary as one may think, it 100% doesn’t mean you have to have this life of the dream and have it all by now cause you are only 25. It just means you are at a different point in your life, things look different, you have to do things a little differently that is all. For me 25 is the year of this new goal, I just finished my biggest goal of all (I’ll talk about soon unless you follow me on instagram you’d probably know). 25 is my year of really going for it and not giving a–.