A City Girl Guid: Edinburgh

A guild to Edinburgh of what to see and what to do.

There are two main streets Prince Street and Royal Mile, the main street connecting these two is South Bridge once you know these streets it’s pretty easy to figure out where you are going. And something to keep in mind streets going under streets, so if you go down you can always go up. Take a walk around Edinburgh you will find some historical places but here is a list of places to hit when there:  

Untitled1Pub Life: We went to a few pubs around Edinburgh. They all were a unique- there was even a pop-up bar right in a park near Prince Street we stopped in. We went to this pub called the Pilgrim, it was quite since it was a Monday night but when you buy a drink you get food-FREE. There was another pub, Revolution, that was known for their cocktails. When you’re in Edinburgh I suggest trying the pubs in Edinburgh, it is not only part of the culture but you get to experience local beers and/or drinks, you also get to sit down out of the rain have a chat. The pub atmosphere in Edinburgh is something you need to do when there, it’ll be grand!


Untitled4Royal Mile: The top tourist street in all of Edinburgh. It starts at the castle and ends at the Palace-why it’s called the Royal Mile. With its stone buildings and massive churches, the Royal Mile is the perfect start to Edinburgh. Been to the castle before I highly recommend going there first, early morning that way you avoid some crowds and still have the afternoon. I started my walk at the top and worked my way down, seeing all the same tourist shops and the little lanes and courtyards. Down one there was a writers museum that I wasn’t able to go into cause it opens at 12:30. Further down there is this new area that is getting rebuilt for shopping and more. as of now its just a little market “The food and flea Market” with few stands. The Royal Mile is something to walk, it won’t take you all day.


Untitled3The Royal Mile Market: You will find when walking the mile there are a lot of tourist shops, but on the corner of one of the North Bridge street and the mile there is this church, Tron ‘Kirk, and inside is the Royal Mile Market. Inside you will find stands of a variety of local artist, crafts, and fashion traders. Unlike the tourist shops, these are “hard to find” items. It was almost like going into your grandma’s attic and finding really cool items. Take a wander in and notice the stain glass windows.


Untitled5University Camps: The reason I was there was because of my friend. We got to sit in some of the local pubs on campus one called the Library. It was like being in Harry Potter. I suggest a walk around the campus see the different buildings and neighborhoods street. You can find a lot hipster places around campuses. They will mostly be filled with college students, but if you’re a 20-something like me you will feel right at home.


UntitledCalton Hill: Out in New Town of Edinburgh at the end of Prince street (main shopping area of Edinburgh it has Primark to Topshop to department stores). Calton hill is the government area of the city, it’s a park with these landmarks that didn’t finish with some great views of the city and into Leith. A lot of people like to climb the monument in the middle but I couldn’t get up there so I took a walk around. It’s something to see especially if you have seen pictures of Edinburgh these monuments would be in some main photos. But one place that has a better view is Arthur’s seat.


Arthur’s seat: In Holyrood Park, near the Palace sits Arthur’s seat on an ancient volcano. An easy walk with a trail it can get a bit muddy, be careful not to slip.  It took about an hour to get up, with a few stops to catch our breath. It’s not as hard as my hike in Ireland but it is a hill, so expect it will be physical. I suggest going in the morning especially if you wake up to the sun, to not only get your workout in for the day but they’ll be fewer people. The top is what’s worth the walk really. It felt like could see the whole of Scotland. I love when a city has a hill to climb or something way up high just so you could get a better view of the place, and feel this escape like the world was ours. Take the walk up it was the highlight of my adventure!

Scotland is a GREAT place to visit, I’ve only seen Edinburgh, but I think it’s one of the top cities in the world worth seeing, more than once cause the first time wasn’t enough and either was the second time. There is something about these areas of the world that I just love, it has everything from the seaside, to farm land, to mountains to city life. I talk more about my trip here. I suggest when going go outside of Edinburgh too. I was going to take the train to Leith or to North Berwick–public transportation is pretty easy and the train station is right in the middle of the city along Prince Street. I’d like to go back, go further into the city and take a car to go to the country side. What’s your next adventure to?