Happy St Patrick’s day: A list of what you should know about Ireland from my Irish friends

I am not Irish at all, I would tell people.

IMG_8530In recent research of my dad looking into my grandpa’s family background, we apparently have roots. I have like a grain size of Irish in me–yeah I’m still not Irish. Before moving I didn’t know much about Ireland except there were no snakes. I wasn’t even sure if they would have my shampoo. I soon realize how silly I was.

As I lived over there I found myself learning more about Ireland and the culture by being able to live with an Irish family, making friends with Irish and hanging and participating in what I referred to as “do what the Irish do”. So I could tell you exactly what you should know about Ireland but I thought it would be a better than my perspective and ask my Irish friends what people specifically America’s should know about Ireland. And today being St. Patrick’s day- where according to my dad everyone is Irish here’s a list of things to learn and know about Ireland.

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Leprechauns are NOT real
Don’t just go to Dublin- there is more outside of Dublin
Need to go to the countryside
The idea in people’s head isn’t real
Social Drinkers
St Paddy’s day NOT Patty–St. Patricks or Paddies day
more graves than births
we are great craic
very friendly
GAA is a big thing here-Gaelic athletic association of Ireland
Hurling is number one sport they have county teams that don’t get paid but are like professional players.
Some schools play Field Hockey
Gaelic is Irish there is no Irish and Gaelic.Because you have Scottish and Welsh Gaelic too!
They have to learn Gaelic in school
Primary school is elementary school
We say “like” a lot, especially at the end.
Breeding Horses

Laid Back

MMA  grew in popularity cause of Conor McGregor
We love just having a good time.
Everything is in Gaelic and in English for example road signs, signs for the bathroom etc. So when coming to Ireland expect to see Gaelic.
Name’s–how many times names are miss pronounce. Here are some examples of names and how to say them: Caoimhe (“Qwee-va”) Sinéad(shin + aid”), Aisling (ASH-ling)–my firends name and I just call her Ash cause I get it wrong, Aoife(EE – f ah), Seán(sh-aw-n ), Eoin/Eoghan(Oh-un), Saoirse (seer-sha)


I did write once a St. Patrick post but that is now deleted. My experience with Paddies day has always been filled with memories and drink. And I hope you all have a wonderful St. Patrick’s day. If you are in Ireland for the day, go to a local pub and sit in there for hours (best experience I ever had). It’s my first year in a long time not in Ireland for today and I know its going to be very different. I hope you liked today’s blog post I really wanted to write this especially from my friends perspective.

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Disclaimer: for the possibility of someone seeing the negative in this. I want to write this because for the first times I was living there I was told “you think this don’t you” and I could feel the frustration in my friends about the stereotypes or what people think is Irish or Ireland, thus I wrote this to clearr up the stereotypes and what people might not realize.