Spill it out: Disconnect and Reconnect.

I worry about my daughter or the little one who’s going to grow up in this world of online life.

IMG_0658If you didn’t notice I took a week off of Facebook and I found that there was this disconnection from the world yet totally satisfying feeling. How much of my time was spent in this never ending circle of online? Do I even have a life?

I shouldn’t even have that much screen time.

As I took myself off FB there was this great disconnection and fear of not seeing what was on my newsfeed. As a blogger being online is part of the job, but personally and socially I don’t believe I should rely on social media to keep friendships or feel connected with friends and sharing everything. I’m 100% guilty in that, which is why I cut myself off. Some people can do this, and I envy them. I am someone who LOVES taking pictures, I always took my parents camcorder. I always loved documenting because I love looking back at home videos, pictures and not only be reminded but smile cause it happened.

It feels like with networks and being so connected something is lost. Because no one is willing to know what is happening, they see what happen, and call it good, no one is going to have a conversation with you after they seen it all on Facebook, Instagram and snap chat. Can you blame them what else can you talk about?

IMG_0423I don’t say much when people ask because when they ask it doesn’t come out caring anymore it comes out like they are digging at me for some dirt. If only we could talk and I will say it all–I’m an open book. Years ago I started to be more sarcastic, very hidden about what I do online–I said I got into grad school in a caption in a picture in one of my 100 pictures on FB before I even said it–maybe there’s some psychology shit behind it. But, in all honesty, I missed meeting up and spending hours looking through pictures. I began to hate how there I was sharing so much but feeling so isolated.
In my week off of FB, I felt really disconnected yet more connected with what was important. For me having social media, blogging, the fast pace really stimulates my brain, I just focus. Which is why I want to go into a career that deals with this fast pace moving field. I would thrive, but I began to hate it personally. I began to lose myself in the circle & waste most of my day when I could be like doing a puzzle.

Everyone is sharing, everyone is posting, everyone is saying something, even if it’s not with “all their friends” they are snapping their friends, they are commenting on things tagging people. We spend so much time online that do we even live an actual life. Like the number of times, I’m out and people just pull out their phones. There’s nothing wrong with taking pictures, blogging, sharing anything. I think what we got to remember that people are now saying “IRL” ‘in real life’ because of online. And all I can think is how online “this isn’t real life”. The real is what is in front of you. We should put down the phones especially while driving & live life post later.dfb653dd418e20dca9a4f802c4cf752d

In my week off from Facebook I did spend time on my computer for blogger reasons but I did find myself clicking in my circle, that by day 3 I was like WTF am I doing. So I leave my computer, bought myself Betty Who “the view” and wrote in a notebook. And I’m going back to texting to talking to people because no one just talks anymore. I miss that the most.