Finding what’s in Minnesota from artisans, brewers and all locally made.

I got to go to a preview at The Lowertown Pop a few weeks ago. If you follow my Instagram you might have remembered my Kole Closet talk about the event. Well, this past Saturday the actual event was on at the St. Paul Union Depot. The train station, unlike train station in Europe or New York, this one’s a little bit dead for transportation and is used for events like these.

The Lowertown pop had a variety of difference things for anyone from crafts, food and drinks, and lifestyle. I’m going to talk about my favorites, in order by how I walked through the popup. Note, I’m not getting anything by talking about these company’s I liked these booths and  stood out to me the most.


Muddy Mouth Cards: Greeting cards to whole new level of funny. We just kept finding some and laughing. I love cards they are everything I want to send to people. Also very inspiring as a writer myself, who always said I’d write Greeting Cards.

Yoerg Brewing: Minnesota First brewery is back! It was a nice beer, I’m not very savvy with Beer terms like my friend. But what I liked a lot was the history, the passion in the men as they talk to us about the beer and the story. There opening a Yoerg Pub this summer with a classic Art Deco Bar that’ll take you back to the time. I’m excited to go and try the pub–it’s honestly so different from what Minnesota has right now in local pubs and breweries as this brewery is going to be in the pub.

212 West: Did you ever make necklaces with words you will love 212 West. It’s such cute and fun thing. To be able to create words out of necklaces like a kid again.

IMG_0703Nest Pure: ALL hand made and organic bags; they were so stylish. These kinds of bags are perfect sizes for Ipad as well, or even your wires.

Anywhere Apparel: it’s a travel apparel company to make packing easier yet still keeping you stylish. This stand was so Minnesota style, casual, basic and reversible for having to deal with four seasons. But you can make anything yours. I love the shirt they have because it’s reversible, soft and basic you can make so many different outfits. I love the idea of getting off a plane smelling like travel and just flipping the shirt inside out.

IMG_0707Northern Glasses: We all know how much I love when there is two in one thing, and this is one of those things. You buy a cool design glass and the give a gallon of water. The glasses have Minnesota related designs but also other designs as well. I love the typography on glasses giving it a little extra, and the fact they do good is a PLUS!


Other thing I loved….

IMG_0704These chocker from Desdomona Doolittle; made out of items found.


I really like being able to go to this event because it not only got me out of the house, it got me into what Minnesota has to offer, what was happen, and also networking. I’ll talk about more about my transition back BUT it’s weird cause I’m from here yet I don’t know what to do or where to go. Now I know that Yoerg be a good spot for one.