April brings May favourites

April  brings  May favorite from beauty, music, quotes and how to organize self with goals this coming month!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetApril was about trying to bring thrill into my life. If you read my post about coming back you will know coming back hasn’t been easy, but its a new month  and  I’m brining the things I’ve tried and done in April into May, determine to make it a good one! Here are my favourite things….


IMG_0381I’m really trying to get into a bathroom routine, I’m at the age now that not having one will have great effects on me later.  I’ve been using Pixi Glow Tonic and Double Cleanser. Which still haven’t figured out if its been good for my skin but it has gotten my make up off like Double Cleanser is suppose to. I’ve been using this face brush from Olay that I’ve been really liking too. That has been a very good not so expensive purchase.

Make up:

Here’s a list of some of my favorite makeup:

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Also featured but not mention is my Inglot shadows I got–orange and white! I love the colours
  • Primrose Lipstick: This is my all time favorite lipstick from Revlon. I couldn’t find it for years.  I  tried to find something similar to replace it, but nothing could! A few months ago at Walgreens, I found it! The colour is between pink and a nude.
  • Tanya Burr liquid lipstick: Sadly this isn’t sold in America, I got it when I was in Scotland. MarthaMoo smells AMAZING, it doesn’t dry out my lips and it stays on even after drinking. And the colour is this perfect 90s pink-MarthaMoo!

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  • Collection concealer : this has been my favorite product of a time. Its thick, it doesn’t dry up and the #1 is perfect for under eye. Also, the  price. It really needs to come to America!
  • Benefit eyebrows: if there was one brand I  trust with my eyebrows its Benefit. Nothing else, if you saw my eyebrows you know they are good.
  • Nars counting stick: I haven’t been very good at contouring, I just feel like I never do it right. but with this stick, I get some shape to my face. Fast easy blend perfect for those no time days.
  • Tart Pro Palette: I love this palette for the variety of mat colours and good pygmies. My other shows I have to like layer on but this I don’t I just blend. I still create a black eye but I try.


Items I’ve been loving have been:IMG_0395

  • My Eire Necklace from Temple Wolf
  • Rose Gold Thumb Ring from Topshop
  • Loft leaper print sunglasses

I’m becoming more aware of things and how things can have negative effects, especially with clothes. So I’ve done a lot of research on what stores I shouldn’t and brands I should be buying. No more Forever 21. I’ve been loving H&M for really it has so much variety and quality, with good ethics. Less guilt 😉  I will be hitting a lot more local shops and vintage shops this month too!


  • Feminist Fight Club: I liked this book for it gave me off more educational yet funny explanation of feminist issues and how we can overcome. What women can do.
  • The life-changing magic of not giving a fuck: still in the middle of this book and loving every F-bomb she drops


I needed new music and well Betty Who is catchy and when I listen to hit I just have these stories in my head, or memories. Betty Who brings life to my boring days. For podcast I can’t stop listening to Clt Alt Delete. Anytime I have this rant going on in my brain about life and media this podcast ends up talking about it and puts ease to my mind or makes me want to discuss it more. Also kind of want to see about doing my own podcast, a like talk show podcast where we just talk. Girl can dream?!?


My Polaroid printer! I have so many cameras that buying another camera to have a Polaroid picture just wasn’t my idea but a printer is an idea.  I’m hoping with May and summer I’m able to take more pictures and print them!

Organisation and Planning:

I wouldn’t know how to tell someone how to be organize, I try.

IMG_7595 I work way better when I have a lot going on and something to focus on. Not being in school has be roof on my planning skills.  For the May the plan is setting goals but knowing anything can happen so don’t stress! Daily keep in mind my pie chart of self and health goals.  Taking more me time in the evenings but not being couch potato. Basically I want to fill in my pie charts and feel like I’m back in school, focus and getting things done! For anyone who is trying to keep up there days and not feel too overwhelmed or stress; I suggest setting goals and balancing work and self during your days.

A self-reminder for May:

Never let anything hold you back if you want to do something then do it, even if it is by yourself. why wait?!?


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