How to handle sexism like a boss

Today we are talking about what young girls face every day and how we need to fight through it and empower.

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetThere has been a lot of sexism happening in the news, in media, in politics and in my own life.  And as a blogger, I’m not supposed to talk about it. But I’m a blogger who is passionate about women’s rights overall and I’m writing to give inspiration and motivation for young girls and 20 something ladies. So, I am going to talk about sexism. And this post isn’t only about how to overcome sexism, but for those young girls out there to know it’s okay to be a strong independent woman!

Found on Pinterest. Of Rora Blue’s series Handle With Care

The idea of sexism has become blurry—people don’t understand what it is. A word you say but being treated like you’re calling out ‘Wolf’. Like when you say someone is being sexist it taken with excuses, defensiveness, and/or blame on you. A book to read is Feminist Fight Club by Jessica Bennett. 254 + references about female empowerment of surviving sexism especially in the workplace; with a lot of examples because “recognizing sexism is harder than it once was.” I could go on about the book, but my consent to tell you to read the book is when you go out and read the book!  It’s empowering and insightful, giving you straight up this is how it is and why it needs to change.  

I think we honestly have a problem, after I was told I was ‘insufferable’ when I was trying to have a fun conversation and I corrected him on his wrong. After I was said to have a problem with ‘everything’ cause I was trying to joke around with him, and those are just recent examples.  I’m 100% human I’m not perfect and I don’t expect anyone to be, but we can try. We can try to move away from sexist comments and ideas because it is 2017.After reading Feminist Fight Club (which is in my Favourites post for May) I have learned where sexism is and how we should fight. And I came up with how we can try to overcome sexism like the boss women we are:

Step 1: Admitting it exists. The more we deny it and the more we give excuses or not call what it is nothing will be done.  Because she is a woman, shouldn’t even come into your thought. And saying ‘you throw like a girl’ like it’s an insult or something? isn’t an insult its old school sexist. Woman and girls are more afraid to admit the sexist comments/action because of fear of feeling like you’re going to get in trouble. That fear is irrelevant now. We need to call out the sexism and if they try to give excuses don’t take the excuse.

Step 2: Facing the truth. A lot of times people don’t want to hear that they are the bad guy/girl, so they make you out to be one. I am 100% tired of this and I don’t stand for this. Having guys call me a bitch, or say I’m being insufferable because I am calling them out or joking back at them just like they are doing it to me, is 100 emoji eye rolls. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

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Step 3: Don’t Apologize. A lot of sexism happens because women are so willing to give in, we apologize more and we don’t take credit for what we’ve done in the workplace, we say “couldn’t have done without…”.  This has been going on for centuries and that’s why we are fighting to change. Change our ways of feeling the need to apologize, to give excuses and not give yourself credit. Don’t feel sorry for when you do anything or when you are standing up for yourself and against sexism.

Step 4: Handling it like a boss. Since it seems no matter when we stand up for it, we are in the wrong. Society has taught us to just say okay, be quiet, and let it go; and then when we do stand up we are called a bitch–well put a smile on your face and say it in a friendly way, because their sexism is more wrong than you being a “bitch”.

Found on Pinterest. Rora Blue’s  series Handle With Care

Step 5: Be respectful and equal. In fights we say things we wish we never said. And in this fight we aren’t here to disrespect anyone. We are hear to call out on sexism. Perfect example is MN representative for calling out a “men” for not doing the job.  Those rep. men calling for the female MN representative to apologize for her honesty and calling out the problem is “bitch for being honest” sexism. Men, this is an important step for you.  If you are a man you can join the fight against sexism like the boss man we love and know you are. I’ve had some respectful men and guys in my life, so I know it’s not just a myth. Sexism isn’t only men vs women, women do it too (step 7) but it does come from men a lot of the time. It’s not your fault, sexism has been considered “okay” for centuries. But that’s why we are fighting to change.  Change how “because she’s a woman” is used.   This is the most important step of all the fight. And girls remember, we want to be treated and respected for the girls, the ladies and the women we are and we won’t take anything less.

Step 6: “I’m not bossy I am the boss”. The quote is from Beyonce and it’s everything. It’s stating that sexism exist, how women are fighting the sexism until it’s gone. And putting the comment of saying when a woman takes charge she is being bossy because she’s a woman when in fact she not, she’s being the boss.

Found on Pinterest.

Step 7: Girls be for Girls! Sexism is seen between girls.  This is something that I am very tired of and needs to stop. We grow up hating and fighting each other, it started when she took my toy to she took my boyfriend to jealousy of success. But that’s why we are fighting to change. The more successful woman there are the more there will be! We need to stick together on this, girls, ladies. We need to link our arms and show that we are united. We might not agree on a lot of things but we can agree that we, woman, can do anything even in heels!

Step 8: Embrace Girls, Ladies and Woman. We are just trying to create a better place that allows girls to know they do throw just as good as boys, or better. To not live in a place where it’s such a shocker that women are strong and independent and know what they are talking about, to take what they say and listen. So girls, ladies, women, be a strong willed, independent women. World get ready because if you can’t handle it well there is going to be a problem because we are here to stay!

One way or another we have experienced sexism. And it really is time we live in a world where girls are just as equal as boys, are not consider a bitch for being honest and throwing like a girl isn’t an insult. Because really girls, to be a strong independent willing woman/girl is sometimes hard to be but we will be her anyways.