My must have Make Up Products

A list of my must have make up products.


Foundation: My all time go to, daily foundation is Rimmel Match Perfect (blue top), I just love it. After I got NARs sheer glow I felt like they were the same thing; just the price difference. I like how it can be good coverage and also buildable if you are having an off day. I like the texture and how I don’t feel like I’m wearing foundation when its on.

Concealer: Collections! No question about it. It really needs to come to America like how its not here yet after being named the number one concealer baffles me.

Bronzer: I’m not really picky about my bronzer I’ve used the Rimmel bronzer a lot when I would have tan on and it worked well. Also NYC bronzer with the little hexagon of different bronze colours and white in them was my favourite in high school. Think that one is pretty good when you have no tan. My none pickyness hasn’t made me try anything else.

Blush: I have never been so picky about blush, I usually go for a pink one. I think about going with some crazy blush colour but I will have to say Nars Orgasm. And there are a lot of dupes out there so no worry of paying the price!

Highlighter: My favourite highlighter is of course not sold in America. Its in the Sleek face Form palette; my first “contouring” palette. When I put on this highlighter I felt like some Goddess. This is like a peachy shimmery perfect intensity (illuminating next level) highlighter. I have not yet found one that I love and makes my checks become Goddess and fits my skin colour with tan or not.

Contouring: I have a cheap and checky way to contouring that is probably back shit wrong, but I will share that soon or later. But for contouring I will have to say the Anastasia beverly hills. It is pretty dame good! Given contouring is something I do only on special occasions its worth the money.

Eyeshadow: I’m not much for eyeshadow cause I give myself a black eye. But I have two colours I like to go to and there like between purple and orange. I am a clown like.  There is this one colour in the blushed nudes from Maybelline that is 5th one from the top. Why no name? It’s like this matte really light violet colour that is a bit earthy tone. I hit pan on that one! The Inglot 407 is this nice shimmery orange. I like colours that are perfect for blue eyes. I play around a lot with earth tone to purple tones to more orange base eyeshadows.

MascaraMaybelline Lash Sensational Mascara. I love that there is two sides to the brush for top and bottom, it really lengths my lashes and makes my eyes look wider. I love the They’re Real TRAVEL from Benefit too; love how the end of the brush you can use for more detail. This one I fell in love with, my eyeslashes were to next level! The normal size is WAY different, trust me.

Eyebrows: Benefit no question about it! I love the pencils and the highlighter brow. I’ve gone through a lot of eyebrow stuff and Benefit has been the one that has been most successful. I do use Naked basic palette, the brown, for a powder shadow when I want a quite eyebrow. Anastasia beverly hills dipbrow is a favourite of mine as well, again special occasions.

EXTRA: Lipstick would have to be Revlon Primerose–which is now disappeared once again. And to say I am upset is an understatement. Sleek liquid lipstick in birthday suit. Not sold in America, of course. Self-Tanner would have to be Rimmel Mouse Tanner, I used that A LOT in Ireland it is easy, simple, and last a very long time. I apply it right before I do my make up and its dry ready for a night out. And not sold in America.

Those are my must have make up products. IF you can see I’m screwed cause a lot of my favourites are NOT sold in America.  I’ve looked and just couldn’t find that so perfect sleek highlighter, or the best birthday suit liquid lipstick or great price PLUS BEST product concealer.  If anyone knows any affordable-ish make up products that are sold state side let me know in the comments! Because having to spend bank on products–I just can’t especially if I’m going to use it everyday like concealer.