How to deal with stress and the unknown

I’m someone who loves to know things–and I usually can figure it out — I am also someone who gets stress very easily. And well not knowing the future and me being the Peter Pan child I am–I’m going to talk about how to deal with those moments of the future.

How to Deal with Stress 

and the Unknown

If you read my post about being back you know that my “future” is very up in the air, stressful, full of anxiety and fears that I am going to live in that box my professor was talking about when we were becoming English majors. And there is a lot more to my future that makes me worry but bottom like it can be super scary, growing up and not having a clue. So I’ve been there, I’m going through it if you are too– here is what I do to relax and know that everything will be okay.

  1. Try not to think or plan too far a head. I hate the question what are you going to do after? Like I haven’t even gone to grad school yet and your already asking me what I am doing to do after grad school? (that happen). The key is really don’t have an answer to that 5 year plan. You should have your week, due dates written, important appointments booked but take one day at a time.
  2. Do something about it. I am someone who will be so worry about something and only way to ease the worry or stress is to do something about it. Like if I am stressing over the test, then I should study. If worry about getting a job; start applying to jobs. Pretty simple, unless your anxiety comes in just work at it, breath, take your time, there is no rush–see back to #1. d963af99fee99dc5720036ca240b377f
  3. TALK get advise, let it out. I find it comforting to talk to people, like friends, my mom. And just say whats on my mind to get advise. Even if its like “everything will work out” I am like “I’m just really inpatient.” Hearing others telling you advise, even if its something you roll your eyes at, or hear all the time. Hearing it from someone else eases your mind a little less–also talking it out to someone to be understanding is the BEST. And I have some really kick ass friends who listen to be bitch–so I appreciate them dearly638e34feeb88c5c693df36648d702d44
  4. Don’t compare yourself. It is easy to look at someone who’s similar to your situation like right out of college, same major, trying to make it in this adult world–yet they seem to be getting somewhere were your still struggling. You can’t compare yourself; because you are on your path–jealousy runs deep and it won’t help you at all. So remember what they do isn’t what you do–and maybe thats the push you need to get yourself going?
  5. Organize and Plan. The one way to ease your stress is to organize yourself and plan. Cause when stress its the littlest things that bother you. I feel so at easy because I organize my room. And I feel set with my plan for the day to get to my goals. Long or short.
  6. Remember you’re young. You don’t have to have life figured out, or that white picket fence. Or even have a job. You don’t have to be traveling the world either. You shouldn’t be stressing so much about things that haven’t happen–go back to #1. Do what you please, go after what you want, and don’t stress (to your best of ability).
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“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together” _Elizabeth Taylor

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